Volkova Ekaterina Valerievna: biography and filmography

Volkova Ekaterina Valeryevna

Today we represent a young, but verypopular Russian actress Ekaterina Volkov. We are sure that most viewers know and love her for the role of Vera in the humorous television series "Voronina", which has been broadcast on our television for years.

Childhood and youth

Thirty-two years ago in Tallinn, in the familyhousewife and worker, Volkova Ekaterina Valeryevna was born. She is not the only child in the family, Katya has a brother. The girl was raised mainly by her grandmother. Catherine was artistic from an early age. She was happy to sing verses for adults, sing songs, and dance. Seriously about acting career the girl starts to think in high school. Parents did not really believe in her success, but did not forbid the girl to try her hand. Everyone was sure that Katya would not master a huge contest in a theater high school.

Beginner's Actress

To the surprise of relatives, Katya enters theSchepkinskoe College, which in 2003 graduates with honors. Young actress Catherine Volkova almost immediately receives an invitation to work in the troupe of the State Theater actor. The theatrists remembered her works in the performances "Scrolls by the backstreet", "Exactly at seven", "Dog in the manger", "Measure for measure", "Poor Pierrot" and others.

Despite the fact that Volkova Ekaterina Valeryevnabegan to work as a professional actress, her parents continued to doubt that she would be able to fully realize herself in the profession, and they persuaded her daughter to "hedge" and get a second education. In 2006, Ekaterina graduated from the Russian Academy of Budget and Treasury of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation. I must say that it was very useful to her when Katya was the producer of the performance "The Dog in the Manger" in her native theater.

actress Ekaterina Volkova

Filmography of Catherine Volkova

A talented and promising actress quicklynoted the filmmakers. She began to shoot a lot in various TV shows. I must say that the images created by her were bright and memorable. Ekaterina Volkova, whose films are well known to Russian viewers, works a lot in the theater and cinema. Today we will introduce you some of the work of a new star.

"Kulagin and Partners" (2004-2012) - a detective TV series

Events unfold in the detective agency"Kulagin and Partners", which deals with its own investigation of intricate crimes. He is led by a former intelligence officer, lawyer Leonid Kulagin, assisted by Alexander and Eugenia, Boris and Olga ...

"Lyuba, children and the plant ..." (2005) - comedy series

The ironic and touching story of a single mother, Lubov Orlova, who brings up three children. This is the Russian version of the American TV series "Grace in the Fire," which was successfully broadcast on our television.

екатерина волкова фильмы

"I remain" (2006) - a tragicomedy

For many, life after death does not end,but the protagonist of the film, Dr. Tyrsa does not believe in this nonsense. Once he finds himself next to the same as he, people who no longer belong to the earthly world, but have not yet been accepted into a new world ...

"Women's stories" (2007) - series, melodrama

The stories of women of different ages, with different destinies, falling into different life situations. The problems that concern women of all nationalities and religions are considered ...

"Agency" Alibi "» (2007) - series

No one is immune from the situation whenit is necessary to invent something to come out without much loss from the predicament. However, if a person turns to Alibi for help, he will be helped to find a convincing justification for everything that happened ...

"The verdict" (2008) is a serial film

The action takes place in 1993. Boxer Cyril, who is expected to have great sports victories, dreams of marrying his beloved girl, but the occasional fight in which he defends Nastya's honor turns his whole life around. In order not to go to jail, he has to go to the army. While in the service, a young man receives news from a friend that his beloved has another. With weapons, he escapes from the base, finds his beloved in the arms of an opponent, and in a fit of jealousy kills her. The girl's mother is deprived of her sanity, her father has a stroke. After a ten-year sentence, Cyril becomes a businessman, and one day he comes to someone he did not expect to see ...

filmography of Catherine the Great

"New Year's ambush" (2008) - detective

Investigating the theft of the sculpture of the goddess Kloto -one of the parts of the triptych, are engaged in gloomy Major Voronin, charming Major Kovalev and a very young operative Nagaikin. At the scene of the crime, the eclair is left, as a sign that the crime was committed by the famous thief-recidivist Confessor. On New Year's Eve operatives lay down an ambush in the house of the famous writer Shakhova, who is the owner of another triptych sculpture. Suddenly, the Queen finds a writer's novel, in which the very theft of sculpture is described in detail ...

husband of Catherine the Great

Personal life

Volkova Catherine V. - a man not veryopen to journalists, and she protects her personal life especially carefully. However, it is known that for several years Catherine has been friendly with Andrey Karpov, whom our viewers know well for the project "Dancing with the Stars". They were introduced by actress Daria Sagalova. For a long time the couple was just friends, but since 2010, Andrei Karpov is the husband of Ekaterina Volkova. A three-year-old daughter, Lisa, is growing up in the family.

Photos in Maxim

In the spring of 2013 Volkova Ekaterina Valeryevnaappeared on the cover of this popular men's magazine. She appeared in the image of a feminine beauty. This was a surprise for many, and first of all for Catherine herself. According to her, before she had never even thought about such a photo session. Despite this, she accepted the invitation, because she knew that not all celebrities make such proposals. Many believe that the photos turned out to be too chaste, others are sure that such modesty is just a PR move.

Ekaterina Volkova today

Currently, Catherine is still standingin the theater, but with the film, everything is not as it should be. The last of them was the small role of Larissa in 2010. Then, in connection with the birth of the child, the actress had to head off into family cares. But let's hope that in the near future Volkova Ekaterina Valerievna will please us with new works.