Children's Theater "Faith". Nizhny Novgorod grows artists

In the present age of the Internet and totalcomputerization is very difficult to take children with something worthwhile ... Instead of books they read messages on social networks, walks prefer to communicate in Skype, and their hobbies are often limited to online games. Children Nizhny Novgorod had the wonderful opportunity to break away from their gadgets, and plunge into the world of acting and classical works. All this is embodied in the reality of the children's theater "Faith". Nizhny Novgorod is proud of him!


The theater "Vera" was founded in 1976 by VeraGorshkova. At first, it was called "The Theater Studio of the Future", as a result, fully justified its title. From the usual amateur studio the children's chamber theater "Vera" was gradually formed. Nizhny Novgorod is proud of it to this day. After children and adolescents master the basics of acting in the theater, those who wish to link their lives with the career of an actor can continue their studies at the Samara State Academy of Culture and Arts.

theater faith Nizhny Novgorod

The head of the theater was E. Tabachkov, who received the title of Honored Worker of Culture of Russia. The children's theater "Vera" gained professional status only in 1991, but the city's inhabitants always perceived it as the first serious educational institution for future actors.

The successes of the children's theater

Under the tutelage of the artistic director of the FaithAlexandrovna Gorshkova has achieved impressive successes children's theater "Faith". Nizhny Novgorod is proud of its long history of participation in festivals, grandiose victories and awards of the theater staff. In 1993, "Vera" won the All-Russian competition of theaters in Biysk, after which she made a successful attempt to participate in a larger event - an international competition. So, in the same year in 1993 the theater won the prestigious award "For Faith, Hope and Love" at the festival "Theater in search of theater".

Tour activity

After Sochi, "Vera" took part in the Europeanprestigious festival "Fairy Tale", which was held in Germany in 2001. Then the theater won recognition at the Russian contest "Ya-Mal, hello", then went to Minsk to the forum "Golden Knight". And on this tour the theater did not end. After the deafening success at the international events, "Vera" decided to poke over Russia. Thus, the troupe took part in the "School of Contemporary Theater" and in the festival "Young Forces of Art" in 2002 and 2004.

theater faith Nizhny Novgorod

The latest achievement of the theater "Vera" was the participationin the Russian festival "Gavrosh", which took place in 2009, at the festival dedicated to Anton Chekhov, as well as at the All-Russian Festival of Children's Performances in 2012.


In May 2013 the city authorities recognizedunsatisfactory condition in which the theater "Faith" was. Nizhny Novgorod is extremely in need of entertainment for children, so the appearance of the institution described was decided to make it worthy. Almost a quarter of a century it was not something that was not reconstructed, there were not even any repairs, so on June 1 the theater was closed to give him a second life. Overhaul planned to be carried out in 2011, but due to financial problems, the process was postponed.

children's theater faith

Despite the test, which passedTheater "Vera", Nizhny Novgorod did not remain without children's performances. The actors' house was given their own scenes to the House of the actor and the Theater of Young Spectators, where the performances were held before the opening of the renovated building.

After reconstruction, the theater was not recognized: now its facade is made in the style of a magical forest, and the auditorium has become a bit larger. Instead of old shops, the room was equipped with separate chairs, so that now the audience can enjoy performances and be proud of their talented children in complete comfort and warmth.