Kirov: art school

For children provides an opportunity to becomea talented artist and the city of Kirov. There is only one art school here, but this city can also offer art schools, where children are taught not only art, but also music, dances, etc.

kirov art school

Why go to art school

If the child plans to link his / her futurelife with fine arts and go to school or college, the document on the successful completion of the art school for admission to these schools is mandatory. For example, in the St. Petersburg Art Academy. Repin is not allowed to entrance exams, if the person wishing to enter there does not have a secondary artistic education. A great advantage is the graduates of the Roerich School and the Lyceum. Johanson, who is at the academy. Unfortunately, the Kirov can not afford to enter these universities. The art school of this city gives excellent education to its students, but for admission to the Institute. Repin it gives less advantages.

What does the art school teach?

ДХШ (children's art school) not onlyprepares the child for higher education and becoming a professional artist, but also develops a number of useful qualities. So, over time, the child develops a taste for colors, design and even clothing. The kid develops his imagination, which he can also transfer to paper. The child in studies the theory and history of the arts, and this expands his knowledge. And even for non-talented children, the School of Arts develops the ability to draw. Everyone who has spent time on this additional education has never regretted it.

Children's Art School of Kirov

МБОУ ДОД «ДХШ» - children's art school (Kirov)

Here for children the average is providedart education. Young artists are taught to paint with watercolor, gouache, pastel and other materials. For each work, teachers make up a still-life from the dummies of fruits and vegetables, vases, flowers, harmonious draperies and much more. Children learn the basics of drawing: the correct construction of the composition, the harmonious arrangement of objects on paper, the laws of perspective, the study of the structure of objects, people and animals, and so on. Other art schools in the city of Kirov can not teach children what this school gives.

art schools of Kirov

The best works are collected in the fund. This can be compared with the museum. When children begin to perform a new task, they are shown, as an example, the best works of previous students. There are regular exhibitions. The exhibition hall is attended by the work of talented artists and the pupils of the school. Such an educational institution can truly be proud of the city of Kirov. The Art School is located on Molodaya Gvardiya street, 52. For talented and simply loving to draw children, the School of Arts opens its doors with joy.

Where else in Kirov can a child learn to draw

Below is a list of arts schools in the city of Kirov. Each of them has its advantages. Therefore, you should choose a school by location. If she is far from home, then why record a child there? Because of the long road, your child quickly refuses to attend additional classes in drawing. All desire to learn fine art is lost along the way.

  • Children's Art School № 11. Ivan Popov Street, 17a.
  • "Rhapsody". School of arts. Koltsov Street, 8.
  • Lyangas Children's Art School. Vostochnaya Street 11.
  • Novovyatskaya Children's Art School. Ordzhonikidze Street, 15.
  • Children's Art School. Settlement Kostino, Sadakovskaya street, Bamovskiy pereulok, 1a.
  • Elegy, children's art school. Street Club, 3.

The best option is in the city of Kirovan art school that is closest to your home. You may need to bypass several art schools, but it is more important that the child enjoys the lessons.