"There are only girls in jazz" (1959 film): actors, roles and interesting facts

In the work on the painting "In Jazz Only Girls" (1959 film), actors mixed not only their generation. The story of a charming soloist and two disguised men is being reviewed for half a century.

About the film. Plot

Many years after the release of the rentalan inexhaustible stream of reviews about the actors of the film "In Jazz Only Girls" confirms the highest level of Hollywood cinema of that time. Classy role-players then received an excellent script on the set and were directed by excellent directors.

In awe of their lives, both main charactershiding under the guise of female jazz band members. They are threatened with reprisal from the mafia leader: the guys turned out to be unwanted casual witnesses to the murder, now they have to flee. Jerry and Joe change into women's clothes and unidentified safely touring with the orchestra of charming girls.

Quickly becomes a friend of the disguised Dana guys(the heroine of Monroe). The charming young soloist of the orchestra does not know who is hiding under the makeup and wigs. She frivolously secrets with them about the most intimate things for a girl. It is unlikely that disguised fugitives will resist the temptation to fall in love with a cutie, at least one of them will try to look after Dana.

In Jazz Only Girls Movie 1959 actors

Later, years after the release of the film "In Jazzonly the girls "(1959 film), the actors, whose photos were already hung in the Hollywood Hall of Fame, with warm feelings will talk about their experience on the set. The comedy is replete with excellent jokes, and even the performers of the roles themselves were greatly enjoyed.

Tony Curtis

The first time in the movie, Tony from the screen fascinatedyoung girls. In this capacity, he secured a permanent job on the set. But the guy wanted to prove his ability to play and the complex characteristic roles in the movies. He really had this skill. Later, the actor will perform the legendary illusionist Harry Houdini. Since that time, the directors have saved him from the eternal role of handsome and hero-lover.

Tony Curtis - actor born in 1925 - appearedto the light and grew up in New York. He became a famous Hollywood actor with a worldwide reputation. For 59 years of his career he played in dozens of films with high ratings of critics at the premiere.

in jazz only girls movie 1959 actors and roles

In the comedy "In Jazz Only Girls" (1959 film)actors created a trio of the most beloved characters in the world cinema. One of them played Tony Curtis in 34 years. In the work on the film, filmmakers relied on his experience and the theater school.

Marilyn Monroe

Critics have never liked Marilyn for hera disgusting actor's training and a lack of normal experience in cinematography. The girl was invited to shoot for her popularity and outward appeal. For a while she was really a mediocre actress in the frame, but then she performed some of the most striking roles in the world cinema.

Marilyn Monroe was born in 1926, a girlwas raised and grew up in Los Angeles. In the movie the first role was played when she turned 21. But its main advantage was not the dramatic abilities, but the external data. The future legend of world cinema and popular culture started its way to success as an ordinary model. Before that, the beauty worked as a collector of aircraft engines at the plant. At the top of his glory, several accidents resulted.

in jazz only girls movie 1959 actors photo

There is nothing surprising in the indignation of critics,a girl without too much acting ability was too popular. She could not forgive it. But Monroe adored the public for their extraordinary charm. Gradually, the girl in herself brought up important skills for the acting profession and received the second highest in the world cinema award "Golden Globe". She received the award for her painting "In Jazz Only Girls" (1959 film). The actors of this film will record their names in the classics of cinema. Among them was Monroe. She played roles on the big screen for 14 years.

Marilyn Monroe passed away at the age of 36 from an overdose of sleeping pills.

Big master

The most successful example of universala diverse actor in Hollywood - Jack Lemmon. His achievements were evaluated in numerous nominations and the award of the Oscar. And he was also celebrated at the Cannes Film Festival. The future actor was born in 1925. He was born in Los Angeles, he was raised in a well-educated and well-educated family. Jack's father was the head of the company for the production of sweets and had a high income, he could provide his son carefree childhood. With the help of acting, Lemmon did not escape poverty and did not make his way to the future. The choice of profession was for him conscious and voluntary. And he became a great professional in this matter.

Jack Lemmon

His roles do not fit into one role or in onegenre. For a while, the directors trusted him only entertaining comedic roles. But then the guy broke out of this stereotype and performed well in the performance of characteristic characters.

in jazz only girls movie 1959 actors list

Pleased the viewer with his appearance on the screen more45 years with enthusiastic reviews of critics and ovations in the auditorium. He played roles in dozens of films, the top of his career was the comedy "In Jazz Only Girls" (1959 film). Actors from this picture will later become legends in the world cinema. In the frame Lemmon easily reincarnated from the guy to the girl and back on the plot, his faculty of acting was manifested to the full. At the age of 76, the actor died of cancer, the last role was played in 2000.

Sample comedy

To date, 58 years after the premierecomedy "In Jazz Only Girls" (1959 film), actors and roles undergo an intensified analysis. The work is set as an example, it is taught by filmmakers around the world, it remains a model for modern filmmakers, actors and other filmmakers. At one time, the picture gave rise to a whole style in the filming of comedy films and writing scripts.

Full cast:

  • Marilyn Monroe;
  • Tony Curtis;
  • Jack Lemmon;
  • Mike Mazurki;
  • George Raft;
  • Beverly Wills;
  • George E. Stone;
  • Dave Barry;
  • Joe E. Brown;
  • Nehemiah Persoff;
  • Joanne Shawley;
  • Billy Gray.

a film in a jazz only girls actors and responses

At the premiere of the comedy "In Jazz Only Girls"(1959 film), the actors listed above are internationally known and recognized in the acting environment. Almost every one of them, after filming, still expected great success in his career.