Actress Ekaterina Radchenko: a short biography and filmography

Ekaterina Radchenko - actress, who is removedmostly in episodes of serials. For many years of career, the singer managed to get only 2 main roles. In what movies did she light up?

short biography

Ekaterina Sergeevna Radchenko was born in 1987 in Moscow. Her birthday is celebrated on March 4.

Ekaterina Radchenko

Since childhood, Catherine has been known for her artistry andcharm. After school the girl decided to try her luck and went to enter the theater high school. She managed to pass a creative competition in VGIK, after which Radchenko was admitted to the studio of A. S. Lenkov.

After graduation, Catherine waswas invited to the troupe of the Moscow State Theater of the film actor, in which at the time began the career of Nona Mordyukova (The Diamond Arm), Sergei Bondarchuk (War and Peace) and Vyacheslav Tikhonov (17 Moments of Spring).

In the film Radchenko first appeared in 2004.

The first work in the cinema

Ekaterina Radchenko began her screen career withepisodic role in the TV series "Kulagin and Partners", which was broadcast on the "Russia" TV channel from 2004 to 2013. Detective film was very popular mainly due to the unusual nature of the genre, which bordered on the reality show.

Ekaterina Radchenko actress

In the year 2006 the comedy "There Would Be No Happiness" was released on the blue screens, based on the story "Married Unhappy" by Olga Stepnova. The main roles in the project were Anna Dubrovskaya ("I want your husband") and Alexei Makarov ("Against all rules"). Catherine also got the role of the second plan - she embodied on the screens of the image of a girl of easy virtue.

In a year the beginning performer again gotin the frame: this time she played a spiteful pregnant woman in the episode of the melodrama "The Gift of God." In this project, the actress had the opportunity to collaborate with Mikhail Mamaev ("High Kitchen") and Ekaterina Semenova ("Two Fates").

Also in the early stages of her career, Catherine was in the films "March of Turkish," "Matchmaker," and "Landing Batya."

Main roles

Ekaterina Radchenko flashes on television for more than 10 years, but the main roles her directors do not spoil.

екатерина радченко интерны

In 2012 Oleg Shtrom ("Intim do not offer") believed in the talent and charm of Catherine and entrusted her with the role of Vasilisa in the adventure melodrama "While Shiva dances". The plot of the picture is dedicated to the unusual fate of an Indian boy. In infancy, he is rescued from death by a Russian pilot and adopted with his wife. To avoid unnecessary questions, the pilot Bubnov and his just-born wife beat everything as if the twins - Vasilisa (E. Radchenko) and Vaska (R. Matyunin) were born in the hospital. That's only when the kids grow up, some inconsistencies will be difficult to hide.

In 2013 Ksenia Zarutskaya and Vyacheslav Kaminsky invited Ekaterina to appear in the 60-serial melodrama "Yasmin". The film was shown on the "First Channel", in the center of the narrative were 3 Russian girls who moved to Istanbul for permanent residence. In a foreign country, they had to face a lot of trials and dangers. Ekaterina Radchenko played one of the main characters.

Roles of the second plan

In which series can you still see Ekaterina Radchenko?

"Interns", the most popular comedy seriesmodernity, entered the filmography of the actress in 2010. Radchenko was remembered by viewers that she showed her a luxurious bust without embarrassment (this was exactly what she needed from her screen heroine, who came to see a doctor).

In 2010 actress played a friend of the main character in the melodrama "Therapy of Love." In this project, Catherine was able to collaborate with Polina Filonenko (Hardcore), Elena Drobysheva (Test of Fidelity) and Anatoly Lobotsky (Mata Hari).

Radchenko also took part in the filming of TV series "Masha in the Law", "Forester", "Bombila 3", "Women on the Verge", "Last Ment" and "Favorite Casanova Women".