Details on how to adjust the ukulele

If you want to play jazz, reggae and folk, thendo without a special guitar - ukulele. It's easy enough to master if you have basic playing skills on a regular six-string guitar. Many newcomers are frightened by the question of how to adjust the ukulele. You can use a hearing aid or a digital tuner for this. Now there is even the possibility of setting up online, through a normal microphone.


how to set up ukulele
Before setting up the ukulele guitar, you need to decide what variety it belongs to. After all, the system can have differences from this.

1. The most common type is the soprano. Its length is 53 centimeters, and the system is set up according to the GCEA scheme.

2. The concert ukulele length is 58 centimeters, and the system is used the same as for the soprano.

3. One of the large varieties of ukulele is a tenor, the length of the instrument is 55 centimeters, and it is tuned according to the DGBE scheme.

4. Baritone is the largest ukulele - its length is 76 centimeters, and the scheme of building DGBE.

Now the musicians can meet unusualukulele with eight strings. In this case, they are divided into pairs, each of which is configured in unison. Its sound will be more voluminous. So, before you adjust the ukulele, measure it. The resulting value will depend on the system.

Several options for building ukulele

The most common among musicians can be foundukulele soprano, which are tuned according to the notes: salt-do-mi-la. Three strings (before, mi, la) are tuned to the usual six-stringed guitars - from low to high, but with a fourth, there are often problems. The salt should belong to the same octave as the other sounds, so the string gives a higher sound than the second and third.

If you are looking for how to set up a ukulele baritone ortenor, then you need to remember the rule that one of the strings of this small ukulele is always higher than the others. In the case of a tenor, the tuning notes are as follows: re-sol-Si-mi. In this case, the note "re" from the same octave as the other sounds is taken for tuning.

Ways to configure

how to tune a ukulele guitar
If you know how to tune an ordinary guitar by earand you know the location of the notes on the fretboard, then problems with adjusting the tension of the ukulele strings will not arise. In this case, you can use the method of clamping the frets.

If you have minimal communication skills withstring instruments, it is better to use a digital tuner or special software for the computer, replacing it. In this case, you will need a microphone, which is installed in forty centimeters from the strings. In turn, pull the strings and follow the tuner's prompts.

If you have a musical ear and at homethere is a synthesizer or a piano, then you will need the following answer to the question of how to adjust the ukulule. In turn, press the piano keys and, in accordance with the resulting sound, adjust the strings of the ukule. You need to achieve a harmonious and identical sound. Now you know how to set up the ukulele.