How to draw a pug: an easy drawing for beginners

Each drawing is a kind of a world thatis born from the depths of the human soul. Drawing directly affects thinking, intuition and creativity. Art can develop imagination, creativity, fine motor skills and spatial orientation. Despite the generally accepted opinion, not only artists can draw, but anyone who wants to create incredible images of nature, animals and technology. In this article we will describe how to draw a pug in stages.

how to draw a pug

What is necessary for drawing

  • First, it is necessary to prepare art tools. To draw a pug, we need a blank white sheet, a pencil, an eraser and colored pencils (you can markers).
  • Secondly, carefully read the instructions below, repeat step by step, and you will learn how to draw a pug without artistic skills.

How to draw a pug puppy

Step 1. Mark the point with the center of the paper. This will help you learn how to draw a pug at the center of the sheet.

Step 2. Draw two circles as shown in the picture. This is the outline of the trunk of the future pug. The bottom circle should be oval (the body of the puppy), and the upper one - the more rounded (the head).

how to draw a pug in stages

Step 3. Smooth lines draw the contours of the muzzle, draw the ears.

how to draw a pug in stages

Step 4. Draw your eyes, mouth and spout, as shown in the picture. In the process of work, you can add new details at your discretion.

how to draw a pug in stages

Step 5. When the puppy's head is ready, you can proceed to the trunk. Draw front legs and part of the trunk, then paint the hind legs, tail and body. This will help make the dog's image symmetrical. To make it easier to understand how to draw a pug, try to follow the instructions.

how to draw a pug in stages

Step 6. Circle the contours with a pencil, select all the details. Eraser delete unnecessary lines. Use pencils or markers to paint a pug puppy.

Tips for those who want to learn how to draw

  • Prepare all the tools in advance. If you are working with a pencil, the sharpener and eraser should be next to it, and if you prefer pens and markers, then prepare a proofreader.
  • Always start with a thin pencil. If something goes wrong, you can always start drawing again.
  • Do not press hard on the pencil. All contours should be light and smooth.
  • Do not be afraid to make mistakes. Your drawings are a reflection of your worldview, which means that each work is unique and unique.
  • Read the instructions carefully, do not be afraid to try, and then you will learn how to draw a pug is easy!
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