Living magic. Quotes about the magic

"Magic is alive. It lives in our hearts "- it is in this quote that the whole truth is hidden. Magic is all around us and lives in us. It can not be explained rationally, it happens, and that's it! Someone was lucky to see him, but someone remains blind and perceives everything that happened as a routine. And only quotes about magic still open their eyes to the truth.

Where does the magic come from?

quotes about the magic

Otfried Proysler once wrote: "There is a magic that needs to learn, memorizing different spells. But there is something else that is hidden in the depths of the heart and can not be broken by any spell. " Quotes about magic often insist that it is enclosed in the depths of the human soul. It can be studied, categorized or summed up, but to predict and predict - never. It just happens, regardless of the season, mood or everyday plans. Magic is always with the person and just waiting to be noticed and asked no questions.

Children are available more

Antoine de Saint-Exupery said: "You will not see the main eye," and this is really so. Those who seek a rational explanation for all events will never be able to understand what magic is like. Children know for sure that there are dragons, fairies, elves and princesses. They are sure that there is simply no other way. And no matter where all these mythical creatures live, their existence can not be questioned. Tales for children - this is not a way to escape from reality, but a thing that confirms this very reality.

Charles de Lint wrote: "People tend to forget that everything has a soul, and in the world everyone is equally equal. Mysteries and magic are parts of human life, not fairy tales from those books that are dusting in the old nursery. " Quotes about the magic will not let you lie - more children are available.

quotes about the new year and magic

At first faith

Magic is always there, but only people do notsee, do not hear and do not perceive. But in a distant childhood it was a self-evident phenomenon. Quotes about the New Year and the magic store a line about why the magic is no more: "Adults often do not have the mood, especially the New Year. After all, they already know that Santa Claus does not exist, so there is no one to wait and no one to believe. They buy their own gifts and put them under a tree, and in fact they used to be just happy if they found candy under the tree. With age, all the wonders disappear. "

It's really sad that growing up, we're losingsomething important, even quotes about New Year's magic talk about it. And it is only for a man to depart briefly from an inexplicable and wonderful world, how to restore his faith becomes more difficult.

quotes about the New Year's magic

In the movie "Old New Year" the phrase was: "People are sure that there is no place in the world where you can find beauty and miracles. I wonder if they can explain the fact that the whole world celebrates the New Year in one night. " Perhaps to restore the magic, you need to start small - with the New Year. After all, as Oleg Roy said: "People who are still children in their souls will always keep their faith in miracles. For them, the New Year is a time of miracles and fairy tales, in which they believe, who wait and who create themselves. "

Quotes about magic can tell a lot about,but the main thing is this: if a person does not believe in miracles, they will not happen to him. It is impossible to hear how the heart of this world knocks, when there is no belief in its existence. After all, the magic is alive, and it knows exactly, believe in it or not.