Chris Penn is an American actor, a performer of characteristic dramatic and comedic roles

American actor Chris Penn was born on October 101965 in Los Angeles. He is the brother of the famous film actor Sean Penn, winner of two Oscars. The difference in years between Chris and his older brother is five years.

Carier start

Parents of the actor worked in the US film industry,father, Leo Penn, was the director, mother, Aileen Ryan, - actress. Chris, therefore, did not even think about the choice of profession, there was only one way - to the set. Acting activity suited a teenager.

Chris Penn

As a child, Chris Penn was friends with Charlie Sheen -the future star of Hollywood. Since the guys were the same age, they found many common interests. Chris Penn debuted on the big screen at the age of twelve. He played a small role in the film directed by Christopher Kane Charlie and the Talking Vulture, filmed in 1979. The indisputable talent of the boy appeared immediately.

The first noticeable role

In 1983, Chris Penn took part in the shootingThe film "Fight Fish" directed by Francis Coppola. This time he had a more significant role - a character named Jay Jackson. On the set, Chris met immediately with several Hollywood stars - Nicholas Page, Mickey Rourke, Diana Lane, Matt Dillon.

chris penn movies

Movie making was hardthe drama of the story goes off scale. However, the work of the director and actors received a decent score. The film was nominated in several categories at once. The main prize was the Golden Globe. Diana Lane was awarded the nomination "Best Young Actress."

Then Chris Penn starred in an unobtrusive role.a young man named Brian in a film directed by Michael Chapman. But since there the main character was Tom Cruise, megastar of Hollywood, Chris thanked the fate for participating in this film project.


In the eighties, Chris Penn, movies withwhose participation were filmed one after another, I felt like a real actor, in demand and capable of much. His role at that time was quite versatile, the role of the actor was entrusted with the most diverse - from villainous characters to comedians. And I must say, he coped brilliantly with any tasks.

Chris Penn Filmography

In 1992, the actor received an invitation fromQuentin Tarantino. Maitre offered to play a role in his film project called “Reservoir Dogs”. Chris Penn agreed without hesitation. His character was Eddie Cabott, who at the end of the film was shot during a gang fight. The action script, written personally by Quentin Tarantino, was fully realized thanks to a group of talented actors.

Chris Penn: Filmography

During his short career, the actor has appeared in more than sixty scenes. Below is a selective list of films with his participation.

  • "Fight fish" (1983), the character of J. Jackson.
  • "Faithful Movements" (1983), the role of Brian.
  • "Free" (1984), character Willard Hewitt.
  • "Without brakes" (1984), the role of Tom Drake.
  • "The Pale Rider" (1985), the character of Josh La Huda.
  • "In the emphasis" (1986), Tommy Whitewood.
  • "Best of the Best" (1989), character Travis Brickley.
  • "Gangsters" (1991), the role of Tommy Rein.
  • "Reservoir Dogs" (1992), the role of Eddie Cabotta.
  • "Leather Jackets" (1992), the character of "Big Steve".
  • "Cucumber" (1993), the role of Gregory Stone.
  • "Short Editing" (1993), the role of Jerry Kaiser.
  • "True Love" (1993), character Nikki Dims.
  • "Josh and Sam" (1993), Derek Baxter's character.
    mad dogs chris penn
  • "The Noble Swindler" (1994), the role of Jarvis.
  • "Hope Chicago" (1995), character Kevin Fitzpatrick.
  • Sacred Cargo (1995), the role of Vince Kanevsky.
  • The Real Guys Club (1997), Luke Cooper.
  • "Lie Detector" (1997), the character of detective Philip Braxton.
  • "Paper Trail" (1997), agent Jason Enola.
  • Cool Policeman (1998), Duke Finnerly.
  • "Florentin" (1999), character Bobby.
  • "Cement" (1999), the character of Bill Holt.
  • "Killing Counting" (2002), the role of Ray Fizers.
  • Retribution (2002), character Tony Legio.
  • "Crime Uncle" (2002), David.
  • "Grace and Will" (2003), character Rudy.
  • "The Island of Blood" (2003), Sheriff De Luc.
  • "Starsky and Hutch" (2004), Manetti's character.
  • "After Sunset" (2004), Rovdi Fan.
  • "Law and order. Criminal intent" (2005), Tommy Onerato.
  • "Love Widow" (2005), character Frank Onerato.
  • Darwin Award (2006), character Tom.
  • Holly (2006), Freddie.

The actor's career ended on the last film.


In 2006, Jan. 24, Chris Penn was founddead at his home in santa monica. Death occurred as a result of opened cardiomyopathy. A study conducted by a group of pathologists confirmed the conclusion of the forensic physician.