We will tell you how to draw a wolf entirely and its muzzle separately

There may come a time when you suddenly need to portray some beautiful proud animal. But how, for example, to draw a wolf, is not known to everyone. This article is devoted to this.

Master-class "How to draw a wolf"

how to draw a wolf

  1. First draw three circles of different sizes,located in a triangle with an obtuse angle. The larger circle is at the top of the corner, the one that is slightly smaller, a little further (horizontally to the large circle), and the smallest - from above.

  2. Circles are connected with each other by smooth lines - this is the silhouette of the future wolf's body. The muzzle of a predator is also schematically indicated.

  3. On the muzzle a nose is shown with a mug, on the headears are drawn. Since the drawing of a wolf was decided worthwhile, it is required to designate its limbs. The legs of the wolf in places of "attachment" to the body are located at different levels. And they themselves have different volumes. Therefore, circles should indicate the upper joints of the forelegs, and ovals (larger ones) - the posterior ones.

  4. Schematically bending smooth line outlined tail - it should be lowered down. Paws are indicated by rectangles or elongated trapezoids.

  5. Now all the details are carefully drawn from the muzzle to the tail. In place of the front part of the neck, a notch is made, the auxiliary circles of the joints and the trapezoid join to draw the wolf's legs.

  6. Eraser erases all auxiliary lines and shapes, brighter stand out the main lines. Strokes can be marked cavities on the legs, muscles of the legs and neck, cheekbones on the muzzle of the animal.

Master-class "How to draw a wolf's face"

how to draw a wolf face

To consider yourself a skilled artist, you need not only to know how to draw a wolf, outlining its silhouette, shape, but also be able to represent his face.

  1. Auxiliary thin lines make a sketch of the head. You should know that the wolf's head is not round, but slightly widened downwards. This figure is divided into four parts by a cross.

  2. On the horizontal auxiliary lineare the eyes. The point of intersection of the vertical axis and the line limiting the shape of the head below will be the location of the "leather" tip of the nose. Around it denote the nose itself - the elongated front part of the muzzle.

  3. On the top of the head, you should draw your ears.

  4. Around the muzzle, a magnificent and multilayered "collar" looks fabulous, consisting of the wool of a carnivorous beast.

  5. Now you can remove all the auxiliary lines with an eraser, carefully arrange the front elongated part of the muzzle, forming the bridge of the nose, outline the pupils in the eyes.

  6. After casting shadows, making the contour of the object "jagged", after all, the beast mohnat, having painted the pupil and making it necessary for expressiveness white, unmarked flare, the artist can consider the work completed.

Master-class "Drawing a little wolf cub"

 how to draw a wolf for beginners

Usually kids do not think about the question,how to draw a wolf. For beginners of young artists more interesting is the lesson devoted to the image of small affectionate animals, most often cubs of different animals. Therefore, it is best to try to draw with them not an evil toothy wolf, but a cute funny wolf cub. And how to do it - will tell and show a detailed master class.