How to tune a guitar by ear

In today's time to see on the street guys with a guitar, perhaps, a big rarity.

However, this noble instrument stillthere are enough fans. To see this, just enter the Internet and enter the phrase "buy a guitar" in the search engine. You will see the addresses of more than fifteen million sites, more precisely, I found 16 million. You can buy the tool from the site by making an order. Guitar of any firm of the manufacturer to you bring directly on the house.

And then the question arises: "How to set up the guitar?"

The fact is that this very widespread musical instrument is most often upset. Well, of course, that in skilled hands, he tunes pretty quickly.

Once I was presented for twelve yearssix-stringed guitar. I was already able to play at that time and continued to learn with the help of a self-instruction manual. However, it did not say a word how to learn how to tune a guitar, and it had to be tuned often. I do not know if you saw how the guitarists tuned the guitar, which at the rehearsal, even one song can not sing until the end, until they pull up a few strings or, conversely, they will not let go. Maybe it's already a habit of this? So, usually such musicians ask for complete silence, as this instrument is tuned by ear.

It was such a guitarist was my neighbor, and he taught me how to tune the guitar by ear, and I in turn share this secret with all comers.

So, first of all, you need to remember the fact that each guitar string corresponds to the sound of a certain note:

  • The first thinnest guitar string corresponds to the sound of the note "Mi".
  • The second string produces the sound of the "C" note.
  • The note "Sol" - The third string.
  • The note "Re" is the fourth string.
  • The fifth string is consonant with the note "La";
  • The sixth guitar string, like the first, corresponds to the sound of the note "Mi".

It is already becoming more clear how to set upguitar, is not it? There are people whose hearing is so good that they even adjust the instrument without the help of additional tools. Attentively listening to the sound, and pulling or popring strings, they achieve the appropriate sound for each of them. They say that the rumor among such virtuosos is musical.

Of course, you can just invite such aspecialist, and he will do everything in the best possible way within a few minutes. But after all, we are interested in how to tune the guitar itself, and not for anyone to call for help. By the way, it is believed that playing on an instrument that is upset, a person spoils their ears, which means that you will often have to tune your guitar.

Well, let's get acquainted with the most common way of tuning a six-string guitar.

We need the actual guitar and the tuning fork "Mi".Instead of a tuning fork, another well-known tuned guitar or any musical instrument, up to the harmonica, is also suitable. Earlier, the tuning fork sounded periodically on the radio.

6-string guitar tuning process

  • In unison with the sound of the note "Mi" with the help of a tuning fork or other instrument, we adjust the first string.
  • Clamp the second string on the fifth fret. Pulling it up or populist, you need to achieve its sound in unison with the sound of the first string, that is, the note "C".
  • Now we also act with the third string, but holding it on the fourth fret (Sol).
  • Similarly, the fourth string is tuned. It is clamped on the fifth fret, and it should sound in unison with the third string (Re).
  • Holding the fifth string on the fifth harmony, we achieve unison in accord with the open fourth string (La).
  • The sound of the sixth string must correspond to the first open. Or, if you clamp it on the fifth fret, then the sixth string, should sound in unison with the fifth open (MI).

That's all the wisdom. Now you know how to tune a guitar. Well, you can find on the Internet a site with a tuner for a guitar. Then all six strings are tuned to the sound in tune with the tuner. All will turn out!