Ekaterina Boldysheva: biography and creativity

Our today's heroine is the soloist of the band "Mirage" Ekaterina Boldysheva. She is known as a Soviet, as well as a Russian vocalist, who works in the genres Eurodisk and pop.


Ekaterina Boldysheva
Ekaterina Boldysheva was first introducedpublic in 1990, as a soloist of the band "Mirage". This happened in the New Year's "Blue Light". Andrei Lityagin, the singer, the founder, as well as the ideologist of the group, presented the vocalist. He is a supporter of performances under the phonogram, but always stressed the presence of our heroine of worthy vocal data. Ekaterina Boldysheva is the only member of the Mirage group, who performed live. This was reported by her colleagues. Exceptions are only some telephoto, because during their installation on the video sequence, the phonograms that were in the archive were superimposed. Thus, the sound engineer's work was facilitated.

Other projects

Ekaterina Boldysheva, in addition to "Mirage", participatedin the group "Cleopatra" and "The Stars" Natalia Gulkina. Participated in the work on the songs of Nikita Dzhigurdy and the collective "Commissioner." She also owns a female part in the composition "Everything that was" of the band "Aria". In 2005, our heroine recorded a duet with Vyacheslav Bobkov, who creates in the genre of Russian chanson. The song was called "Boarding on the flight." The author of the words and music was Vyacheslav Bobkov. The composition was published in the collection "XXXL Chanson". Soon in the repertoire of the singer appeared a song "The Island of L.". This song was written by our heroine on the poems of Dmitry Kolesnik.

Current work

mirage of Yekaterina Boldysheva
Today Ekaterina Boldysheva is actively engaged incharity. In addition to commercial concerts, she performs at events dedicated to disabled children, orphans, as well as families of military personnel and prisoners. He has many awards, letters of commendation and gratitude for charitable activities. In 2013 she introduced new songs, taking herself the pseudonym Ms. Katie. On one of the tracks a video clip "For the sake of love" was made. The second song "I Love You, Bald" has turned into an Internet hit thanks to the cartoon that artists S. Khasanov and H. Salaev created. In 2013, the disc of the band "Mirage" titled "Not for the first time" reached the status of "golden". "Gem" Publishing House awarded the award to Alexei Gorbashov and Ekaterina Boldysheva, as they are the executors of the album's songs. Now our heroine is the only official soloist of the band "Mirage". Alexei Gorbashov is a guitarist. Andrei Grishin plays drums. Sergey Krylov is responsible for keyboard instruments.