Ekaterina Ufimtseva: biography and creativity

Today we will tell you who Ekaterina isUfimtseva. Her personal life and biography will be described later. It's about the Russian TV presenter. It gained popularity thanks to the author's program called "Theater + TV". The show was aired on the First Channel in 1991-1997. Now he is working on the program "The Shelter of Comedians", which is conducted jointly with Mikhail Shvydkiy on the channel "TV Center".


Ekaterina Ufimtseva
Ekaterina Ufimtseva is a native Muscovite. She was born in 1956, on the 25th of January. Comes from a creative capital family. Her mother Tade Eleonora Sergeevna worked as a theater expert. Papa Ufimtsev Ivan Vasilievich was a multiplier well known in the territory of the Soviet Union. It was he who created the famous cycle of "38 parrots". By the way, the image of the incredibly funny Monkey for the cartoon Ufimtsev the elder wrote with his daughter. Since childhood, Catherine has become accustomed to communicating with many famous people. In the parents' apartment often quite noisy companies gathered, writers, directors and actors regularly came to visit. It should be mentioned that Rolan Bykov was the friend of the family. With Katya all the famous guests talked on an equal footing, they never asked her to go to the nursery. Probably, this attitude determined the future career of the future TV presenter. After all, its programs are built on friendly gatherings and tea drinking. All this was in her childhood.

Studio "Soyuzmultfilm", the employee of which washer dad, was located near her school. Often the student spent time there together with classmates. Children watched how the cartoons are removed, and dolls are also made. However, when choosing the institute, Ekaterina Ufimtseva followed in the footsteps of her mother. She became a student of GITIS. She studied at the Faculty of Theater Studies. Received a red diploma after graduation. I went to graduate school. However, she later admitted that she did not want to work in the main specialty. She decided to become a journalist.


екатерина уфимцева personal life
So spent her student years Ekaterina Ufimtseva. Her biography as a television worker began in 1986. She was admitted to Ostankino for work in the editorial board of literary and drama programs. However, for a long time the girl did not stay in her post. A year later, the author's program of the TV presenter entitled "Games in Lefortovo" is published. It was her first such project. A year later, Ekaterina Ufimtseva began to work on the transfer of "Projector Perestroika". Sergei Varnovsky, her husband and director, actively helped his wife. This was the first experience of teamwork. However, he determined the future success of the family-creative tandem.

For the next 3 years, our heroine worked ontelevision magazine "Word". The crown of this creative process can be considered a trip to Israel, where she visited the World Festival of Arts. Let's talk about the journey a little more. At that time, there were no diplomatic relations between Israel and the USSR. Therefore, the visa for the trip had to be done through third countries. However, during the festival, the presenter managed to interview the President of Israel himself.

Personal life

Ufimtseva Ekaterina children
Now let's take a look at what Ekaterina Ufimtseva is in her life. She has no children. Her husband, as already mentioned, is Sergey Varnovsky. They have been together for more than 30 years. Their family tandem became simultaneously creative. The spouse participates in the filming of the program with his wife as the host. This applies to the program "Shelter of Comedians". While the husband is conversing with famous guests, the husband is in charge of the technical process - producing, directing, introducing new technologies into the transfer. Joint family couples like to spend their holidays in various travels. They try not to repeat themselves. Every time they give preference to the place (or country) in which they have never been. Hobbies of the spouses are very different. Sergey Varnovsky likes to repair in his spare time. His wife periodically helps him, but at any opportunity he runs away to work. For her, the best rest is your favorite program and television in general.

Interesting Facts

Ekaterina Ufimtseva biography
Ekaterina Ufimtseva argues that the work for heris a style of life. Her TV presenter calls the greatest pleasure and the best kind of rest. The presenter is proud that her transfer is unique, and the guests are real.