Insects origami. Spider

How many times do you encounter origami as a kind ofart and just one of the types of needlework, so many times you are surprised at the universality of this simple occupation, which in the end allows you to create amazing masterpieces. It seems that the elements will not allow us to disperse the fantasy beyond the already studied schemes - so no! On the Internet, you can find more and more new toys, made with the help of origami techniques, for example, origami "spider". Probably, the creation of this miracle inspired the country's favorite series "Daddy's Daughters" - it's a very unusual choice of an animal for its imprinting in the form of a souvenir.

So, origami is a "spider". To create it, you need about 300-400 leaves, from which you can make a module - the basis of any masterpiece in the origami style. The module is folded from a square of thick paper. It is not advisable to use cardboard for crafts - it gives roughness to products, especially since it is difficult to bend the cardboard - and the module will turn out to be dense and from a regular sheet. If your spider is an albino, you can use normal office paper. You do not need to also look specifically for two-color paper - still one side will be wrapped inside the module.

The most difficult and laborious in creating anyFigures origami - is the preparation of a sufficient number of modules. By itself, the work is not at all complicated, and once you have followed the instructions of the scheme for creating modules, you can easily wind them as much as necessary for the chosen version of the craft. It's hard not to lose patience when doing this dreary work. Therefore, it is recommended to involve at this stage of work all free households, especially children, beginning with preschool age. Why them? The fact is that origami trains the fine motor skills of hands, which is very important for preschool children, who are just in the process of developing the basic functions of the central nervous system. The connection between a well-developed fine motor and a speech center in children is especially strong. So do not hesitate for a long time, what to do on a rainy day - gather round the table and arrange a competition: who will put down, say, 50 origami modules faster and better than others.

By and large, for origami "spider" is notrequires a huge number of modules. Reptile turns out to be quite natural, and even very sweet, if you compare it with natural spiders. There are options for creating origami "spider" in a different color, with a different location of the limbs. In general, some versions of finished crafts, especially if made in a small format, can easily be confused at a distance with a living and quite natural spider. Ready-made master classes are posted on the Internet, how to make an origami spider. Your task is to decide on its type and clearly follow the instructions. To work, in addition to paper, you will need glue - numerous limbs will need to be glued to the trunk of the craft.

Well, of course, boys are more interested not inreptiles and arthropods of our younger brothers, and in receiving a gift-origami "Spider Man". Here with it there can be small complications. Variants of schemes of toys of this kind are very few - only two or three standing out in the Internet search engine. Therefore, if the offspring really really wants to get such a toy, you have to strain your imagination, connect it to the production of the very offspring and create something of your own. Probably, it should be a fairly large figure, because the proposed versions of a reduced size with a large head and with virtually no body appear poor and uninteresting. If you get something good - please share the opening with those who also have small lovers of original origami toys!