How to make origami-horse from modules?

The current year, as is known, passes under the symbolvery beautiful and graceful animal - Horses. In each house there must be this totem, bringing happiness and prosperity to the owners. Today we will learn how to make original origami-horses from modules. Such crafts can be put in a conspicuous place or presented to friends for any holiday this year.

origami horse from the modules


For work you will need standardblank-modules, which are made of a square sheet of paper folded diagonally and connected to a second similar piece. They are firmly connected with each other in the craft. The entire construction is assembled from these parts and is held only by them, without the use of glue. Therefore, before you get started, prepare 291 gray and 39 black modules in advance. The color of your symbol can be anything, so you can make at least a green, even a pink horse. Accordingly, the base parts of the craft select the desired shade.

How to make origami from modules?

A horse whose assembly scheme is not itselfcomplex, is carried out in stages from several series of parts. First, take the first 20 gray modules and connect them, in turn inserting the finished parts into each other. The next two rows will also consist of 20 pieces each. We form the oval of the trunk of our future horse. The fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh rows will also consist of 20 parts each. The eighth row is 2 black and 10 gray modules with a point outwards. The ninth row is 3 black modules and 9 gray ones are also the point to the outside. Tenth row - 2 black modules 8 gray short part out. The eleventh row is 3 black and 6 gray modules. The twelfth row is 2 black and 6 gray. The thirteenth row is 3 black and 2 gray. And two more rows - 2 gray and one black module.

origami of triangular horse modules

Make the head

Now proceed to assembling the head of the origami horse fromtriangular modules. We carefully assemble the horse, carefully inserting all the details so that the structure does not fall apart. We start with three rows of 12 gray modules. Now we need to turn and turn the craft out. Next we make the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh rows also for 12 parts. The seventh row is 4 black and 4 gray modules (this is the ears of the future model). Now three more rows of 12 figures. We turn it back and paste the parts in order to keep the structure well.

origami of horse horse models

We make legs and tail

Our origami-horse from the modules is almost ready. It remains to paste the trunk and head, and also to make her legs. Each leg will consist of three black, two gray and three other gray modules. Accordingly, we need to make four such legs. You can immediately glue your feet to our crafts. Of course, the origami horse from the modules will not be completed unless you attach a beautiful tail to it. We will make it out of five black figures, and then glue it to the toy. You can decorate the work by drawing an odd job or gluing an original mane from threads. Now your origami-horse from the modules is completely ready. Put it in a conspicuous place, so that happiness will stay in your house all year round. Give the toy to friends, and your work will be appreciated!