Origami "Horse"

Origami - an exciting lesson that will servesimulator for the development of motor hand. You will not only improve your motor apparatus, but also develop, as a person. In addition, you will acquire a huge number of paper figures dear to the heart. How to master this useful and interesting activity? You can, of course, sign up for origami courses, but you can learn how to fold figurines from paper yourself, at home. How to do it?

In this case, your mentor at the rateorigami can be the Internet. Judge for yourself how convenient it is: you can study at any time when you succeed. And, in addition, no one gives you knowledge on a clear program - you decide what, when and why you want to do it. So, in this case you are your own boss. And we from ourselves want to help you at the initial stage, and we offer you the instruction, on fulfillment of one of the figures - origami "Horse".

In order to do this yourselfan intricate piece of paper, you will have to watch the video on the masterclass of origami - so you can understand the basic principles of folding. And of course, take advantage of recommendations on this matter. A simple circuit helps with folding.

Origami horse - a design thatis constructed from several components. Therefore, one sheet of paper will not be enough for you. This method is called modular. For work it is better to choose high-quality good paper - it does not so quickly turn yellow from time. You will also need glue.

When folding, do not deviate from the scheme -compare what you got with the drawing, so as not to be mistaken. Because one is your wrong move, and the figure will be spoiled. Therefore, if you want your origami "Horse" to be similar to a cloven-hoofed one, take the trouble to do everything according to the instructions.

So, you need to take a square sheet, fold it in half twice, then unbend it - these are your orientation lines - crosswise. We bend the corner, and then, we unbend the other corners.

The lateral parts will remain in the middle. After that, our product will need to be turned over, pull out the pocket. Your origami horse will be winged.

Angles need to be bent inward. We make the necessary cuts.

Angles on the front of the horse need to be done moresmooth - try to smooth them as much as possible. Then try to make the legs on the principle of folding the origami of lightning, glue all the parts together. Origami "Horse" is ready. By the way, if you know how to make this figure, then by its very principle, you can make and origami camel.

You can use white paper forthis figure, and you can make your origami "Horse" more similar to this, and make a product of colored paper. There is another option - to decorate the product. The figure will be bright and picturesque.

Modular origami "Horse" - this is not the easiestfigure. In order to disassemble the diagram, you need to know the basic techniques and terms of the paper folding technique. After all, origami is a whole science that exists on Earth for more than one millennium. Therefore, we decided to explain a few terms for you:

1) The valley is the fold of the upper corner over the paper. The curved corner looks down.

2) The mountain is the fold of the bottom corner over the paper. The curved corner looks up.

3) Lightning - a fold, which is a duet of two folds - valleys and mountains.

4) The module is one detail that is repeated in the product several times, that is, it is a part of the whole.

5) So, we hope that our little digressionwill help you master the art that captured the whole world. By the way, origami technique was invented in Japan by Akira Yoshidzawa. It was this man who created both a system of notation, and a terminology that no one has changed since the middle of the twentieth century!

What is useful for origami? This lesson calms your nerves: after a long and arduous working day you can get distracted from worries and switch to a new activity.