Useful information: how to make a dragon out of paper

A bit of history: literally the word "origami" is translated as "folded paper". Simply put, at the heart of this art is the folding of various figures from this material. This exquisite passion came to us from Ancient China, and it is easy to explain, because it was there that paper was invented. For a long time, origami was considered an art for the elite, accessible only to the upper class. The peak of the origami popularity reached in Japan, and only from the middle of the 20th century it spread all over the world. Now almost everyone knows how to create beasts from paper, because it's so interesting.

how to make a dragon out of paper
The origami technique currently has severalvarieties, each of which is different from the others. Of the most popular you can call a simple, modular origami, wet folding, folding on a sweep. As a material, as a rule, ordinary paper is used for an A4 printer. So, how to make a dragon out of paper?
beasts of paper

In order to carry away the child, for a starttell him who the dragon is. This huge fire-breathing creature with a tail and wings, the hero of many myths, legends and fairy tales. Refresh in his memory a pair of world-famous stories. Most likely, he knows the animated series "American Dragon" - there is quite interesting to play Japanese culture. It is possible that after this the child will have such a question: "How to make a dragon out of paper?".

First step

Take a sheet of thin paper. It is very important that it has the shape of a square. If it is rectangular, cut it, otherwise it will not work. Let the sheet not be too large or small. The field of how you choose the right one, draw a diamond in the pencil from the center of each side of the square.

Second phase

American dragon
After doing these manipulations, bend the cornerssquare strictly on drawn lines. If you did everything correctly, they will coincide exactly in the center of the square. Then again take a pencil and turn the paper over. From the opposite corners, draw the line to a point that is below the common angle by two to three centimeters. From the intersection of the lines, draw a line to the corner. Fold the paper straight on the lines.

The third stage. How to make a dragon out of paper

As a result, you should have turned outpeculiar beak. Fold it. After that, draw a diagonal line between the opposite corners in a pencil, and then two more - from the center of all sides strictly to opposite sides. Again, bend the corners, which are opposite to each other. Did they coincide exactly in the center? So, you are doing everything right. Fold the figure diagonally.

Fourth stage

The resulting angles bend in the opposite direction. Then you have to make quite a complicated manipulation: to bend the top and simultaneously pull on a free corner of the paper. Bend the ears of the figure. Still want to learn how to make a dragon out of paper? Then go to the next step.

Fifth stage

Bend the wings of the dragon. You should have got a diamond, one side of which is cut. Draw the lines from the point of dissection and shove the bifurcated parts inside. At one end, make a beak. After this, the wings fold up. The feet will be from the lower bifurcated corners. Make a couple of creases on the tail. Now you can spread the wings of the figure. The dragon is ready!