Japanese crane made of paper

Cranes are majestic birds thatremain faithful to their partner for life. Therefore, it is not surprising the existence of giving that the Japanese crane symbolizes longevity and a happy life. And the Japanese believe that when you add a thousand of these birds, the most intimate desire will come true. Perhaps, because of this, the crane is one of the most popular origami species in Japan, which has spread all over the world.

We offer you several master classes to learn how to make origami cranes. Perhaps your desire will come true.

Necessary materials

Japanese cranes are made of paper. It can be absolutely any:

  • album sheet;
  • a sheet of paper;
  • A special paper for origami, which has a special texture and properties;
  • the remains of wallpaper;
  • colored paper;
  • tracing paper;
  • other.

The size can also be any. But it is better for beginners to choose medium-sized paper, because it will be difficult to fold details of a craft from a small leaf, and with too large it will not be very convenient to work.

japanese crane photo

If you have used plain paper and want todecorate the finished craft, then you may need markers, glue with glitter, paints and other decorations designed for decorating paper products.

Stock preparation

If you do not have a square sheet of paper, then take any and give it this shape.

1st method:

  • take a pencil or a felt-tip pen, ruler, scissors and paper;
  • draw a square;
  • cut it out.

2nd method (if the sheet is rectangular):

  • wrap one corner of the sheet to its opposite side;
  • cut or tear off an extra piece of paper;
  • unfold the sheet.

Crust preparation

Consider how to make a Japanese crane:

how to make cranes

  1. Take a square sheet of paper.
  2. Fold it in half to make a rectangle.
  3. Open the sheet of paper and fold it back in half, only now you need to connect the other sides.
  4. Expand the sheet, you should get two folds in the form of a plus sign.
  5. Connect the upper right corner to the bottom left. You have a triangle.
  6. Unfold the sheet and fold the other opposite corners together (now it's left upper and lower right).
  7. Unfold a sheet of paper and put it in front of you so that a diamond appears.
  8. Connect the top and bottom corners together.
  9. Place the left and bottom corners under the top of the figure. The fold lines help to do this.
  10. You should have a figure resembling a kite (picture 1).
  11. Connect the left and right corners of the upper part of the figure to the center line of the fold (Figure 2).
  12. Turn the triangle top downwards (Figure 3).
  13. Expand the last three parts. You will again have the figure of a kite, only now with three additional folds.
  14. Fold the bottom corner of the square along the horizontal fold from the previous steps to the top corner (Figure 4).
  15. Fold the upper triangle back (Figure 5).
  16. Fold the outer edges of the paper to the middle and align them. This will create a diamond shape with two flaps on the right and left sides (Figure 6).

Half of the work is done.

Completion of the origami craft

Master-class "How to make cranes-origami", continued:

how to make a japanese crane

  1. Turn over the paper and repeat steps 14-16 on this side (Figure 7).
  2. Fold the outer edges of the figure to the middle (Figure 8).
  3. Turn the right side to the left as if you are turning the book page (figure 9).
  4. Turn over the shape. Repeat on this side of the action from point 2. Then fold the right sash to the left again (Figure 10).
  5. Raise the lower tip to the top of the figure. Turn over and repeat on the other side (illustration 11).
  6. Turn the right side to the left as if you are turning the page of the book (figure 12).
  7. Turn over the shape and do exactly as in the previous paragraph (Figure 13). It turned out wings.
  8. Fold the wings down so that they are perpendicular to the body, head and tail of the future crane (Figure 14).
  9. Fold the tip on one of the tops (Figure 15).
  10. Pull the figure by the head and tail so that they are at the same level (Figure 16).

You got a flat Japanese crane.

Bulk Crane

Master-class "Volumetric Japanese Crane" (photo of the finished work is located below):

  1. Draw the flat figure of the crane by its wings in different directions.
  2. The paper between the wings will be straightened. Hand-shape it if necessary (Figure 17).
  3. Wrap some wings. This can be done with hands or scissors (the principle of working as if you are making wavy ribbons for gifts or bouquets).

Japanese cranes made of paper

Voluminous Japanese crane-origami is ready (Figure 18).

Crane with a fluffy tail

If you want to make a truly originalgift, then make a crafted Japanese crane-origami with a fluffy tail. Such a paper bird will surprise and please anyone. It will become a source of inspiration. Crane-origami (the scheme with a step-by-step instruction is below) will become a real masterpiece.

crane origami scheme

  1. Fold the sheet several times so that five folds are created, resembling the letter "F" (Figures 1-5).
  2. Make a shape resembling a rhombus (Figures 5 and 6).
  3. Make a few bends, as in Figures 7 and 8.
  4. Make a square inside the sheet (illustration 9).
  5. Make a shape that looks like a diamond with wings (pictures 10 to 15).
  6. You have a blank for the crane, which you need to deploy (Figure 16).
  7. The illustrations from the 17th to the 25th show how to collect the crane from the harvest.
  8. When the sheet is folded, divide the crane's wings in different directions (Figure 26).

Original crane of origami: scheme

A paper bird can turn out to be original, if you make not only a magnificent tail, but also wings.

Master-class on the production of cranes with lush wings:

japanese crane of origami

  1. Fold the sheet several times so that then five folds are formed, which connect and resemble the letter "F".
  2. Fold the sheet into the shape of a triangle, bending inwards the extra sides, as in the previous master classes.
  3. Make two pairs of wings, as in Figures 3 and 4.
  4. Fold the two halves of the triangle with the wings together.
  5. Angles of new wings bend to the middle of the figure (Figure 5).
  6. Make the resulting shape of the tail and head (Figures 7-9).
  7. Fold each wing with the accordion, as in illustration 10.
  8. Dilute the wings to the sides, shape the hand-made (illustration 11).

The Japanese crane with lush wings is ready!

How can I use a paper crane?

Origami "the Japanese crane" is not only an interesting hand-crafted article, but also an original decoration.

Of the dozen or more paper cranes, you canmake a garland on the wall or chandelier, ornaments, pictures. And if you make a lot of small crafts and put them in a transparent jar or vase, you will get a magnificent decor element that will give your home a note of individuality.

japanese crane

Garlands, by the way, you can do a variety of things:

  • linear;
  • multilevel;
  • spiral and so on.

In order to make a garland, you will needthread or line. Puncture just from inside the crane with a needle and pass through the hole thread (fishing line). And so every work. Then either connect all the cranes into one whole, or tie them to a separate thread or stick (cornice).

Show your imagination or look for sources of inspiration.

Do Japanese cranes-origami with children or your friends. This is a very interesting and fascinating activity!