Art of origami - dragon of paper

Such a concept as origami was known to peoplemany centuries ago. This is an ancient art, teaching how to create all sorts of interesting figures using paper. In today's world, this occupation has changed a little and has today more diverse types and ways of folding paper.

origami dragon
Perfectly made of paperdragon-origami can become a guard for the coming year, the symbol of which is just the eponymous sign. Such a gift can be presented as a symbolic, because according to Chinese mythology the dragon is a good start.

Let's try to figure out how to make an origami dragon yourself.

Step-by-step manufacturing instruction:

Buy a set of colored paper in a regular store,who trades in the office. Now on sale there are special sets for making origami. They include special rice paper. If you manage to acquire such a set, then the creative process will become a little easier.

  1. Decide what color your origami dragon will be,proceed from this, select the paper color. Take the sheet and cut out the square. Draw a simple pencil on the wrong side of the diamond. Do this from every middle of the sides of the square.
  2. Fold the corners according to the rhombus lines. It is necessary to do this on the wrong side. Your corners must necessarily converge strictly in the center of the square.
    how to draw a origami dragon
  3. Flip the structure that you haveit turned out, and taking a pencil again, draw two lines from the two opposite corners to the point, it should be two or three centimeters below the common neighboring corner. Starting from the intersection of the two lines, draw a line to the end of the corner. Bend the edges over the drawn dashes.
  4. From this angle, bend the small beak. Your origami dragon will adorn this impromptu beak.
  5. Now draw a diagonal strip with a pencil,which will be between the opposite corners. Then we mark two more lines emerging from the center of the resulting square. Fold these corners and make sure that they meet in the center, then bend the resulting figure diagonally.
  6. Form the angles bend in the opposite direction.
  7. Now bend it up and try at once.pull out a piece of paper, one that was left free. Formed ears bend back and in front of your future origami - the dragon is almost already assembled.
  8. Bend now the wings.
    origami dragon
  9. Now you should get a diamond with a cut one side. Now draw lines, they will go from the place of dissection to the nearest obtuse corners.
  10. The bifurcated parts are bent inside. Should be a birdie. Make a beak at the double end, and it will be part of the head.
  11. The resulting sharp protrusion located on thewings, bend inwards, and wings, respectively, up. Now, the origami dragon needs to design paws, and they need to be made from the remaining lower bifurcations.
  12. To make the beauty of the figure, make bends on the tail and wings.
  13. Your dragon-origami is ready! If you have already collected paper figures before, then you will spend about 50 minutes on this model. If this is your first job, then manufacturing will take you a little longer.
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