Classic Origami - Crane

Origami - this is one of the art forms, the homeland of which is considered Japan. This is the art of making elegant paper figures by folding, folding and unfolding a regular piece of paper.

There was this hobby for a very long time, in thosetimes when in Japan it was decided to put official documents in an original way. But in the Edo period (from 1603 to 1867), the origami occupation became very popular. As the art historians believe, it was during this period that the origami folding skills were brought to perfection. Secrets of this art are transmitted in families from one generation to another. Many adult Japanese remember their childhood with great warmth, they watched with bated breath when their mother showed how to make an origami crane and other delicious toys.

And today, the techniques of origami are widely used in industrial design and architecture. The medicine also uses them as a reliable way for rehabilitation exercises of the elderly and disabled people.

Types of origami

The art of origami, depending on the properties of the figures, can be of two types:

• Classical

• Author's

Classic origami is the production of all kinds of paper figures of animals, cranes, frogs, insects, plants, bombs or boats.

Copyright origami is performed in a technique thatdiffers from traditional techniques that have come down from the depths of centuries. These are, as a rule, figures of large dinosaurs, bizarre insects and other original intricate forms.

How to learn to make origami

In order to master the techniques of the classic origami, you need only accuracy and observation.

For work any paper is suitable - be itnewspaper, wrapping paper, promotional products. The quality, size and color of it you can choose at your discretion. But if you're planning to make something really unique, then it's worth paying more attention to choosing the tone and quality of the paper. There is a special Japanese paper for this creativity - Vasi, it is hand-made, manufactured according to ancient technologies.

To work in most cases, paper is square-shaped. To check this, fold up the sheet by aligning the opposite corners. Parties must coincide in length.

How to make an origami crane

Imagine an origami figure crane,made from one piece of paper. His proudly straightened wings, a long thin neck and an elegant head with a distinctive beak. Such an attractive origami crane is obtained from a sheet of square shape. Twelve simple neat additions - and origami a crane is ready.

Studying according to the scheme, be prepared that origamia crane may not turn out right away. In this matter, much is decided by perseverance and perseverance. If you have the chance to meet an expert in origami, try not to miss the opportunity to learn from him the techniques of this elegant art.

Consistency of making cranes:

1. Fold the square diagonally;

2. Twist the workpiece in half a "valley";

3. Open the "mountain" pocket and flatten it;

4. Turn over;

5. Flip the top layer of the paper sheet to the right;

6. Expand and flatten the next pocket;

7. Fold the sides with the "valley";

8. Expand;

9. Unfold the pocket top, making creases;

10. Turn the work over again;

11. Identify the two side folds;

12. Open the pocket, duplicating all the wrinkles from item 9;

13. A basic form called "bird" was obtained;

14. On the right-hand bottom, you need to draw a line;

15. Right bottom corner to bend to side;

16. Repeat on the other side;

17. Bend the lower left corner to the left;

18. Simulate the head of the crane;

19. Mark the crease and repeat the action on the other side.

You did everything right - an origami flying crane is ready!