How to make a module for origami

In order to create your favorite three-dimensional figures from paper, you need to know how to assemble the origami module. For different origami, different numbers of triangular modules are needed.

To answer the first question about how to make a module for origami - just read the instruction carefully. However, before assembling the origami module, you need to prepare the following:

Paper. This is the basis of your module. You can use office paper for the printer. However, modules can be collected from wrappers or pages of unnecessary magazines. It is worth mentioning separately that you should not think about how to make a module for origami from school colored paper, because it is not suitable for such work. School colored paper is too loose and thin, it tends to break and break at the folds.

In addition to paper, you will need more scissors and glue.

Picking up a model for yourself,necessary for its creation, we proceed to how to make a module for origami. The size of the blanks required for specific modules depends on the selected shape and its dimensions. As a rule, a sheet of A4 format is cut into sixteen rectangles. To obtain even parts, you can use scissors, ruler and pencil. However, you do not need to draw and cut. Smooth rectangular pieces can be obtained without using a ruler and a pencil. The desired result can be achieved by flexing, folding the sheet. To do this, take a sheet and bend it in half along the length.

Then we mark the middle of the workpiece withbending and unbending the harvested rectangle. Bend the edges of our workpiece down. As a result, you should get a triangle on the "legs". It is necessary that the fold lines are clear and even. To do this, iron the fold lines. This can be done with your fingernail, ruler or other improvised objects.

Then turn over to the other side of ourand raise the bottom edges of the workpiece. It is important not to forget that all lines of folds should be well ironed. Now bend the protruding corners behind the large triangle. And again we iron the fold lines.

Having done everything as described above, we move on tothe next stage. It is necessary again to unbend the bent edges upwards downward and to smooth the small triangles. Now we lift the received "legs" of our workpiece upward. At this stage our module will be almost ready. It remains only to bend the workpiece in half, while the raised "legs" should go inside the module.

Now you know how to make a module for origami,Because clearly following the instructions, you yourself made a triangular module for origami. You could understand that there is nothing complicated in the process of its manufacture. However, it is worth the patience and do more than one dozen of similar modules, because for origami, for example, for a swan of paper, you need about 300 modules.

After you learn how to make modules and make them as many as you need for a particular origami figure, you will face the second question about how to connect origami modules.

At the moment when you completely cope with themanufacture of modules, i. make the necessary amount, you can proceed to create the selected model. I'll answer the question about how to connect origami modules. Connect triangular modules in various ways. For more durable connection of modules with each other you need to use glue. This will add strength to your model.

I hope that in this article you have found the answer to the question of how to make a module for origami.

Masters engaged in origami can doa lot of different products. Many Internet models are laid out on the Internet, and some of them have step-by-step instructions on how to make them independently. Knowing the basics, everyone can do a lot of products for themselves and their loved ones.