Master-class: how to make origami owl

An oddity in the technique of origami - an owl - maybeis done in two ways. The first one is simple, one sheet of paper is used. The second one is more complicated. As a result, an owl of modules will be produced. We suggest you familiarize yourself with these two methods.

Square owl from one leaf

Master class, how to make an origami owl from a single leaf:

origami owl

  1. Prepare a square sheet and bend it diagonally twice (Figure 1).
  2. Straighten the paper.
  3. Top the corner by one third of the half of the sheet (Figure 2).
  4. Turn the lower corner to the bent one so that their vertices are in contact (Figure 3).
  5. The right and left parts of the figure are wrapped (Figure 4).
  6. Corner the inner triangle unscrew (Figure 5).
  7. Draw the eyes and make the plumage on the "wings" (Figure 6).

A very simple piece of art is ready!

Origami owl: a scheme with a wing

Instruction how to create an owl with wings in origami technique:

origami owl scheme

  1. Bend the sheet of paper twice diagonally across the floor (picture 1).
  2. Wrap the upper corner by one half of the figure (picture 2).
  3. Turn the corner and tuck it in half (picture 3).
  4. Turn the right and left sides a few millimeters (picture 4).
  5. Turn the bottom corner so that it reaches its top with the top triangle (picture 5).
  6. Unscrew the small tip of the large triangle (picture 6).
  7. Connect the right angle with the fold in the center (picture 7). Straighten the corner.
  8. Turn the right angle to the formed fold line (picture 8).
  9. Turn the right side again (picture 9).
  10. Turn the figure to the opposite side (picture 10).
  11. Unscrew the right side (picture 11).
  12. Turn the left corner of the shape (picture 12).
  13. Wrap the half of the tucked up part (picture 13).
  14. Hide the part of the figure (picture 14).
  15. Turn the hand-crafted thing over (picture 15).
  16. The right-hand corner should be carefully turned back (picture 16).
  17. Draw a craft, make a plumage and face.

Made in the origami technique, the owl is ready!

Making modules for an owl 3D

To make a three-dimensional owl in origami technique, you need to prepare blanks, which are called modules.

owl modular origami scheme

How to assemble the module (master class):

  1. Take a small piece of paper.
  2. Fold the leaf in half in half (Figure 1).
  3. Fold the rectangle again in half (illustration 2).
  4. Straighten the shape.
  5. Wrap the right and left parts of the rectangle to the formed fold line (Figure 3).
  6. Flip the part (illustration 4).
  7. Cut the bottom edges.
  8. Fold the edges as shown in illustration 5.
  9. Fold the figure in half (Figure 6).

To create an owl in the technique of modular origamiyou need a lot of these blanks. Also you need to consider what color your work will be. Maybe you want to make it not monophonic and highlight the muzzle and tummy.

Owl: modular origami

Any such work begins with the fact that the first series is going to be:

owl modular origami scheme

  1. Put the two modules in the same way as in picture 1. That is, they must touch the sides.
  2. On top of the two sides, put on the third module (picture 2).
  3. Add another module down and put the fifth on top (picture 3).
  4. Gradually, you can make two rows of the basis of any origami craft (picture 4).
  5. When the series is finished, fix the first and last workpieces by the module (picture 5).
  6. The next row is put on the modules of the second (picture 6).
  7. Then the hand-crafted thing turns over and all subsequent modules are put on top (picture 7).

That's how the modular owl assembles.


Where your imagination and opportunities will lead, such and suchthe owl will turn out. Modular origami, the assembly scheme which can be very simple or vice versa - very complex, gives unlimited possibilities for creativity.

owl modular origami

For example, you can make such an article - an owl withears, as in the picture above. To do this, take only two colors to create the modules. When creating the first two rows, you should already consider that your tummy will have a tummy highlighted. Therefore, first collect a few modules of color A, and then add color B. So connect the whole figure resembling an egg. Along the sides of the top at the end, attach a pair of models that will represent the ears. And cut out the paper from the paper and glue it to the finished product.

Look at the picture below.

owl modular origami

As you can see, you can make a more complex owl,which will be a separate body and head. First you need to make modules of different colors. For example, black, white, brown, orange and red shades. Then gather the bottom part of the owl - the body. Rotate the modules in color. White is the tummy, brown is plumage, and orange is the edge of the wings.

When the torso is ready, you need to collect the head. Here you need to select white and black eye modules, and from the three reds make a beak. Then just put your head on the body. All! Modular work is ready!

You can also make an owl 3D with splayedwings. But this is more difficult work, because during the assembly of the main part you need to make on the sides protrusions. On them, then wings are assembled from additional modules.