Origami: a snowflake with your own hands

Winter is associated with snow fallingsnowflakes, fun and sledding. Who among us did not stop at least once to consider the amazing snowflakes, which seemed carved by a sculptor of glass? Unfortunately, the snowflake melts so quickly ...

origami snowflake

How to keep memories of a snow-white winter? There is an origami technique that will allow you to make your own snowflakes that do not melt with the onset of heat. According to the origami technique, snowflakes made of paper are not difficult at all. There are many different ways to make a snowflake in different shapes and with different patterns. Such an ornament can be hung on a tree or window.

Each origami snowflake, created by own hands,will be unique, one unlike the other. Children are very fond of doing crafts and giving them to loved ones. In kindergarten or school, you can arrange a contest for the best snowflake. This will cause great interest in children and will bring a lot of joy and pleasure, as well as help to show imagination and develop motor skills of fingers.

New Year snowflakes origami - a symbol of the holiday, a traditional craft for the New Year. There are no specific rules for making such snowflakes, but some principles must be known.

origami snowflakes from paper

In the work we need: scissors, adhesive tape, glue, sheet of paper, thread for hanging, stapler. First, take a square sheet of paper. It can be of different sizes, different colors, but white is preferable. We prepare six squares of the same size. Then add each square diagonally to make a triangle. Using scissors, we cut the lines on both sides of the triangle so that the notches are joined in the middle of the triangle. Sheet with notches unfold and alternately fasten the stapler of the top of the elements of the diamond obtained. Before us is a voluminous petal. There are six such petals. With the help of a stapler or glue we fix each petal in the middle. It was a three-dimensional origami snowflake. Binding several voluminous snowflakes, you can make a garland.

By connecting wit and fantasy, you can createcolorful snowflakes of different textures and volumes. It depends on the paper available. The snowflake, made of foil, will effectively look like an origami. You can make it from colored paper, sprinkled with sequins and varnished. Decorated with such snowflakes, the office will discharge the working atmosphere and make employees happy.

New Year's snowflakes origami

Flat origami snowflake looks spectacular onChristmas tree, attached to the glass, mirror. It can be made quite original, despite the simple carving. Fantasy, it's easy to make an exclusive. To do this, take a square sheet of paper or a paper napkin. We fold four times diagonally, we get a triangle. There should be eight axes. Then cut out more paper to make the snowflake more transparent. Now let's get down to creativity. The pattern can be coined and applied in advance on the formed triangle. Expand and check the symmetry. There can be many options. Each snowflake will not be similar to the previous, as in nature there are no identical snowflakes.

Thus, you can bring a festive New Year mood to your house, office, kindergarten. Making origami snowflakes is easy. Only time, patience and the appropriate mood are needed.