Origami paper: "Swan"

If you adore doing something with your own hands,if you want to please yourself and your family with original gifts for any holidays, then you should turn to the wisdom of the Chinese people, who first began to make three-dimensional shapes from the modules. The greatest popularity was managed to win origami from paper. Swan, fish, dragon and other figures will come out from under your hands and make friends and family happy.

Origami paper: "Swan"

Such a composition consists of several segments. Most often they are called modules.

Modules, as a rule, use triangular ones - they are much easier to work with.

It sounds, of course, intimidating: to make a swan out of the module. But if you ask any master needlewoman how to make an origami swan, then you, without hesitation, will answer that there is nothing complicated here.

If we talk about modules, each of them is composed of one sheet of paper. Usually, colored paper is used, after which all the modules are put together, putting them into each other.

Origami paper "Swan" can be assembled and withoutuse of glue. The point is that the frictional force of the modules is sufficient to prevent the entire structure from dissolving. But, of course, it is more reliable to glue the modules together. Glued modular origami "Rainbow swan" can be used as a children's toy, and not be afraid that origami can break.

To make origami from paper "Swan", youit is necessary to combine modules of different colors. Mastering one such swan is not very convenient, so you can organize around yourself several friends - assistants, and it is better to attract children to creative needlework.

Note that the paper you are usinguse, should be of high quality. Typically, take office colored paper. You can also use chalked. Try not to use thin paper.

So, the origami basis of the paper "Swan" is a module. Consider the technology by which this article is added.

A piece of paper must necessarily be rectangular. Note the aspect ratio of the rectangle: it should be equal to 1: 1.5.

To make rectangles of the desired format, you can divide the A4 sheet into equal parts.

Then the long and short sides are dividedon 4 parts, thus to observe their equality, and also to cut on the planned lines. As a result, you will get rectangles measuring 53x74 millimeters.

If the long side of the A4 sheet is divided into eight equal parts, and the short side into four equal parts, then you will have rectangles on your hands, the dimensions of which will be 37x53 mm.

How do the modules stack up?

First of all, the rectangle must be put back to itself and bent in half, then unfolded. This is necessary in order to understand where the middle is projected.

After that, the edges are bent to the middle, the workpiece is turned over, the corners are bent. Note: between the folded corner and the upper triangle, leave a small distance.

The edges are raised upwards, folding the triangle. Thus, we get a module with two corners and two pockets.

Now let's see how the modules are connected betweenby yourself. This procedure does not represent any difficulty: you can connect modules to each other as your heart desires - for this, corners and pockets are needed. The main thing is to get a large figure in the end.

If you want to make a multi-colored swan, then you should take one red module, as well as 136 pink, 90 orange, 60 yellow, 39 blue, 78 green, 19 purple and 36 blue modules.

If you want to make a white snow swan, then you need to use one red module and 458 white rectangles.

After the Origami "Swan" is folded, you will not regret the time spent. After all, an elegant figure will for a long time please you and your friends with its beauty and originality.