Natural crafts made of natural material as a way of self-expression

Floristry is not only a great hobbyfor children, but also a lesson that develops hand motor skills and, of course, fantasy. Various materials are used to create compositions: dried leaves and flowers, moss and bark, pebbles and shells, beautiful twigs and sometimes even dried insects, cereals and acorns.


Natural crafts from natural material

The simplest option is leaf application.and flowers. The subject of the resulting picture may be different - animals, bouquets, landscapes. Depending on what topic you ask your child, he will use different materials and colors, think over trivia, fantasize. Natural crafts from natural material - this is a great opportunity to get to know the child closer, sitting with him and creating his own little masterpieces. For example, walking through the autumn streets, collect colorful leaves from trees and bushes, when you come home, make an application "Aquarium" from the collected herbarium. Leaves can be cut, combined, painted. Show a little ingenuity - offer to add natural crafts from natural material with small buttons (for fish eyes, for example, or bubbles). Do not forget about watercolors or gouaches - paint the background, refresh the colors - this will allow your child to express his imagination even more fully.

Volumetric compositions

children's crafts from natural material
Creating a flower arrangement in its own way is good: it is an opportunity to act not only in the plane, but in volume. Such children's crafts from natural materials are created, as a rule, with the use of twigs, small hemp, leaves, acorns, cones, etc. The theme of ikebana can also be different - starting with “bouquets” and ending with the creation of a small composition (for example, a tree on the shore of a lake). You should not limit the child in materials: the more diverse his arsenal is, the more interesting will be ikebana.

Another variant of three-dimensional compositions isfigures of various vegetables and fruits. Such natural crafts from natural materials are most often similar to animals - squirrels and mice, dogs and cats. For older children, you can offer carving for fruits and vegetables: this is a rather delicate and painstaking work that requires perseverance and careful use of cutting tools.


original crafts from natural material

The most interesting natural crafts from naturalmaterial are created using "extraneous" elements. To get a high-quality picture, you should buy a frame (preferably wooden), a piece of plywood of the appropriate size, thick wallpaper (smooth or embossed) on the base. Pictures - very original crafts from natural material; set a theme and beat it. For example, hand-made and painted clay figurines can be a wonderful accent in your picture. The underwater world can be depicted by making earthen fish and decorating them in bright colors. Use dried moss as algae, scatter small shells, paint the wallpaper, “run” the fish and make bubbles with strazikov or transparent buttons. Do not be afraid to experiment, create, fantasize!

The themes are good, because here everything is in yourhands, and every dash, every twig and leaf will be where you want. This is a wonderful opportunity to express yourself, to distract, to find points of contact with the child, and even to decorate the house.