Master-class: how are made in the style of origami from paper animals

What can be done in origami technique? From the paper animals are excellent. This activity can also be used for children. The assembly plans are quite simple, the kids will be delighted with the new hobby.

Origami-animals from paper: assembly schemes

We suggest starting with a chanterelle.

handmade paper origami animals

  1. Prepare a sheet of paper and fold it first once diagonally, then the second one (Figures 1 and 2).
  2. Then wrap the left and right corners of the resulting triangle from the center line (Figure 3).
  3. Fold the part in half (Figure 4).
  4. Unscrew the upper half of the figure and divide its top into two parts (Figure 5).
  5. Spread the spread and rotate the part onto the barrel (Figure 6).
  6. Fold the right corner (illustration 7).

To make the article complete, draw a mug.

Piggy Paper Pig in Origami Technique

The master class will tell you how to make origami pigs from paper.

origami from paper animals

Animals can be of absolutely any color. It will be better for a child if you take a bright colored paper.

First, a rectangular blank is made. For this, the sheet of paper is folded in length in half. To make the piglet beautiful, it is better to use a regular leaf, rather than a square one.

To facilitate further assembly of crafts from the workpiece, make an accordion in three gates. Then, straighten the rectangle. As a result, you should have four fold lines.

Now pull out the left edges so thatThe bottom and top of this part straightened. The purpose of this movement is to make a sharpened rectangle shape. Repeat the same action with the other side (picture 1).

Turn over with the back side and fold it in half in length (picture 2).

Unscrew the sides of the side triangle (picture 3).

Do the same on the other side.

Screw in the right triangle (picture 4).

Wrap the tip of the left triangle inward (picture 5).

Pick up the bottom of the figure, as in picture 6.

Draw a muzzle and straighten the paper.

Our guinea pig is ready!

Origami paper: savanna animals

In this technique you can do not only cute animals, but also real predators. We offer you a master class, how to make origami from paper.

origami animals from paper circuits

Savannah animals are zebras, giraffes, lions and many others. We think that it will be interesting for children to make a lion. Therefore, take a yellow paper.

  1. Make a diagonal fold line (picture 1).
  2. Turn the top and bottom to the center line (picture 2).
  3. Slightly bend the inside of the corners of the figure (picture 3). This is done diagonally.
  4. On the opposite side diagonally, wrap the upper and lower part of the figure (for more details see illustration 4).
  5. Half of the figure bend back (picture 5).
  6. Visually draw a diagonal line that intersects the two halves of the figure. Screw in the front part of the part along this line (picture 6).
  7. Unbend the half of the right side (picture 7).
  8. Fold down the part shown in picture 8.
  9. Turn the lower triangle of the part (picture 9).
  10. The right side is wrapped diagonally (picture 10).
  11. Bend back half of the tip (picture 11).
  12. Re-fold half of the tip half in the opposite direction (picture 12).
  13. Turn the little corner (picture 13).

A cute predator is ready. It remains only to draw his eyes, mouth, nose and mustache.

The board for making paper crafts: origami (savanna animals) will look better if you take sheets that have white on one side and orange on the other. So the mane stands out more clearly.

Fluffy animals

After predators, I want to make some nice craft. Therefore, it will be appropriate to describe the order of assembling a seal-origami paper.

origami paper made animals

We do animals (the scheme of work).

  1. Prepare a sheet of paper. To do this, fold it diagonally twice (Figure 1).
  2. Align the sheet and tilt the upper and lower corners to its center line (Figure 2).
  3. Fold a few millimeters of the right lower and upper parts (Figure 3).
  4. Turn the figure upside down (figure 4).
  5. To the fold line, bend the bottom and top of the right side of the part (Figure 5).
  6. Turn half of the figure (Figure 6).
  7. Unscrew the upper half (illustration 7).
  8. Wrap the "wings" of the detail, as in illustration 8.
  9. Spread the "spout" of the figure, as in Figure 9.
  10. Fold the lower triangle (Figure 10).
  11. Turn the "ears" from two sides (illustration 11).
  12. The upper part should also be removed back (Figure 12).
  13. Turn the part of the lower triangle, as shown in Figure 13.
  14. Spread the "wings" of the lower triangle (Figure 14).

Draw a kitten muzzle (eyes, mouth, nose, antennae). If you wish, you can add a chub.

The handicraft is ready!

Rabbit made of paper

origami paper made animals

To make a rabbit, you need to collect the familiarthe workpiece (pictures 1, 2 and 3). Then twist the protruding triangle twice in different directions and flip the resulting figure (pictures 4, 5 and 6). Now fold the part in half at first in length, and then in width (picture 7 and 8).

It remains to form a rabbit ears. To do this, the right triangle must be cut and unfolded halves (Figures 9 and 10).

Draw a muzzle, and the hack is ready!