How to make a crane made of paper? Learn the recipe for happiness

how to make a crane made of paper
In Japanese culture origami is not onlya kind of needlework, but also a cult art. Many crafts have a symbolic meaning, and not just used as an interior decoration. One of the most famous and common figures is a crane. About how to make a crane from paper, as well as about the beautiful legend associated with this bird, will be told in this article.

The above tale narrates thatthis work brings happiness to the one who made it, and to whom it was presented as a gift. There is an old belief that a man who made a thousand cranes will certainly fulfill any desire. That was the opinion of a little girl, whose history became known to the whole world after the bombing of the city of Hiroshima during the Second World War. Her name was Sadako Sasaki, and she received the strongest dose of radiation that led to leukemia. For several years the baby struggled desperately for the disease. One day the girl heard about this legend. Learning how to make a crane from paper, Sadako found hope for recovery, but did not manage to add a thousand birds with origami. After this tragic incident, children from many countries began sending similar articles to Japan in memory of a little girl who was fighting illness until the last.

crane of paper

Do you want your most cherished wish to be fulfilled? Then, first, believe it, and secondly, read the instruction on how to make a crane from the paper presented below.

So, we add figurines, according to the rules of origami,we start from a square leaf. Fold the paper diagonally - you will get an isosceles triangle. Fold it along the line of symmetry and open one side so that it becomes a square. Now your sheet is a rectangular trapezoid, which must be turned to the other side. We turn our product into the basic figure of "rhombus". To do this, it is necessary to perform similar steps with an acute angle of the trapezoid. The resulting diamond is placed so that it can open from the bottom. Bend the sides of the first layer to the axis of symmetry. Return them to their original position, and then "open" the upper side of the diamond up. We iron the sides to the middle, turn the figure around and do the same. The resulting module should be further narrowed. Repeat the previous step. You already know almost how to make crane paper. There remained the final straight - a few simple stages of origami. One "leg" of the figure is bent upwards, with the second we act also. From one we make a bird's head, and the second we leave untouched. Straighten the wings and make the back slightly flattened. If you have performed correctly all the actions, then you should get a beautiful crane made of paper.

how to make of crane paper

This unique and at the same time simple workwill be a wonderful decoration of the interior, as well as part of your cherished desire, which will surely come true if you apply your knowledge about how to make a crane made of paper, in practice.