The origami ball

Of course, you've heard about origami. In fact, this is an ancient art of folding paper of various figures, invented in Japan. Each such figure is traditionally made from a square, and when working it is not customary to use scissors or glue. Akira Yoshizawa - the most famous classic of this art - said that origami is an abstract geometry, which we so lack in nature and in the human soul. The origami or Kusudama ball is an ancient kind of traditional decorative Japanese products that are performed in this technique. They look like balls, gathered from a lot of paper flowers, details or sockets. These individual elements are called modules. Such balls look great even in the Japanese interior, as at the moment we see a strong mix of cultures and traditions in design.

How to understand the very word "kusudama"? From the Japanese language it can be translated as a "medicine ball". In ancient times, such balls were used by the Japanese during the Kagura - the religious mystery. These were special rituals, formed on the basis of the magic cult of the sun. In this case, bright red balls served as symbols of the sun, and their surface was created by means of heads pressed to each other carnations from paper. These balls were placed in the corners of the quadrangular platform, and out of them protruded pole staves, on which were strung flowers. Now the origami ball is an indispensable attribute of any holiday in Japan, and it does not matter where it is held, in the temple, in the house or on the street. Fans of Japanese culture around the world, too, resort to the use of such attributes of the holidays.

The origami ball seems to someone to be just an ornament, andfor someone it is endowed with a magical meaning. He can be placed over the bed of the patient, which will allow him to charge his energy, just bring his palms to him. It may seem mystical, but here the point of view and belief in its medicinal properties are important. If a sick person receives such a gift, he will perceive it as a symbol of wishes for a speedy recovery, that is, as a sign of universal concern and attention. The moment of recovery will come much faster thanks to such psychological support. Of course, this may not be a magical ballerigami, but even if we ignore all the unusual properties of these objects, we can not help saying how superbly they fit into the interior and decorate it. Try and you master this wonderful art and make such a ball, and then test its effect during some kind of ailment.

Origami: ball of paper making

It takes more time to make balls,than for figures, which are composed of a single square, since for some items it is necessary to use a lot of modules. The process of their creation is carried out by rather complex schemes, which are usually described in detail. For this occupation, any paper is suitable, the main requirement is density and elasticity, and also that its edges are not blurred and not shaggy at numerous folds. The paper itself should not be torn in place of folding. First you need to make the details. After they are ready, they must be bonded with glue. In this case, it is necessary to show the utmost accuracy, so that the Kusudama did not have cracks, but was a single ball. Of course, for the first time it will be difficult to achieve this result, but over time the skill will improve.

Kusudams are usually hung on a string, thread orcolored rope to a lamp or ceiling. In order to decorate the balloon-origami, you can make a brush of threads, which you need to fasten from the bottom, or you can fix the thread from the colored beads. You can show your imagination and personality during the creation of balls, so that your creation is not like any other.