Master-class: bat-origami bat

The bat-origami is not only interestingcrafts, to the process of creating which you can attract adults and children. It's also an interesting hall decor for Halloween. We suggest you familiarize yourself with two master classes, how the bat forms.

Easy origami - bat

easy origami bat

Master Class:

  1. Take a plain sheet of plain paper. Make it square in shape.
  2. Fold the sheet in half diagonally (Figure 1).
  3. Then fold in half the resulting triangle (Figure 2).
  4. Straighten the triangle and fold it almost in half perpendicular to the fold line formed, as in Figure 3.
  5. Fold the triangle on top (Figure 4).
  6. Fold in half the resulting figure (Figure 5).
  7. Unscrew the "wings" of the figure at an angle, as in Figure 6.
  8. Bend the almost finished figure, as in figure 7.
  9. Turn the "wings" at an angle, as in Figure 8.
  10. Spread both parts of the figure in different directions (Figure 9).

The bat-origami is ready! Give it volume, carefully spreading all the folds.

The second master class

bat origami

Instruction how to make a bat (origami) with ears:

  1. Take a sheet of a square shape.
  2. Bend it in half to make a triangle (Figure 1).
  3. Wrap the right and left parts of the tuft to the middle as shown in Figure 2.
  4. You have a figure with a small triangle looking out from below (figure 3).
  5. The right "wing" bend at an angle, as shown in Figure 4.
  6. Under the first "wing", bend in the same way and the second (Figure 5).
  7. Turn both sides so that the bat's wings are not triangular, but rectangular (Figure 6).
  8. From the top, form a muzzle with ears (Figure 7). You can make a muzzle from another leaf, and then paste it on top.
  9. Carefully spread out all the details.

The bat-origami is ready! If you want, draw her a muzzle.