Origami "Angel"

Christmas and New Year is a fairy tale in whichI want to believe. In order to bring an element of fairy-tale into these holidays, we have a custom to decorate our houses, offices and yards with different toys, garlands, symbols. And if before it was popular to buy toys and jewelry in the store, now at the peak of popularity is hand made, that is, things made by themselves. And this means only one thing: we must also learn to do something similar in order to be in a trend. Although scientists believe that it is even useful for people to make jewelry for their Christmas tree and home, because the process itself positively affects their emotional state. So the ideal option for you is to create yourself a festive mood, carving snowflakes on windows, sticking garlands, putting together various figures from snow-white paper. If you are tuned to a fashionable hand-made wave, then we are ready to help you with good advice. So, let's put together something fabulous and incredibly beautiful - an origami angel.

There are many varietiesChristmas angels made of paper, including a modular origami "angel." Each of them is beautiful and unique in its own way. Therefore, we will consider several options for creating this figure. So, first you need to decide which origami angel fell in love with you, and only then look for the appropriate scheme.

It is desirable that you, when creating your owna small Christmas masterpiece relied not only on the scheme and step-by-step drawings, but also necessarily watched videos of various masterclasses on this topic. This will help you better navigate when working with paper and be in the subject.

So, how can we use our original origami "Angel"?

New Year's angel - origami has always beenclassic decoration of the house for Christmas and New Year. Let's remember the old traditions, but we will make the New Year's angel in a new way - in a modular scheme of paper. What does modular mean? This is the folding of different individual parts without the aid of glue. For beginners, a simple scheme of origami angels is more suitable. Therefore, first we will consider this variant from a single piece of paper.

Fold half the sheet, then again. After that, we unfold the paper - two crosswise inflections should be obtained. Then bend all the corners in the center, turn the handcraft. Pull out the pocket and begin to give the central part the shape of the head. Then again turn the two corners to the right and left - these will be two wings. Origami is ready. It can be hung on a string, the figure will be fluttering in the wind.

Origami "Angel" in a modular scheme can be done like this:

For simplicity in the explanation, we will divide foldingon the stages - modules. So, for the first module you need blue paper, with a total area of ​​20 to 20 centimeters. For stage 2, yellow paper is needed - this will be a rectangle with a perimeter of 21 by 12 cm. Then the third module is also a yellow paper measuring 5 by 15 centimeters, the fourth module contains a rectangle of white paper, about 9 by 30 centimeters in area.

If you are familiar with the origami technique, then you do not havethere should be no problems with the assembly. So, you will need to make the following parts: head, halo, wings - 2 pieces and a cone dress. The outfit of an angel can be done in the same way as an origami vase for flowers, only in this case the vase will be used in an inverted form. The head is sculpted on the principle of puppetry. Then paint a pretty face to your angel. The main thing that he turned out good-natured. Wings are made of 4 or 8 paper feathers - how to do them, you should know. To the head, you can additionally glue the hair, and decorate the paper halo with shiny sequins. This cute angel can be made from multi-colored paper, but you need to make sure that the paper is the same color on both sides.

Let your origami angel pleases your eye, tunes to a positive and gives a good mood! And most importantly, let him become for you an angel-keeper!