Pattern dress with a sleeve "bat" again in demand by women of fashion

In the 40-ies of the twentieth century, a dress withthe silhouette of a bat. And it immediately became popular with women of fashion. Every woman could sew it, which would have a cut of any material, be it cotton, staple, lavsan, wool, crepe de Chine or silk. Fashionable dress of any length could be sewn by yourself simply and quickly. Simplicity of cut and tailoring makes it affordable for any modern lover of fashionable dresses.

A bit of history

Fashion historians suggest that these dresses -The transformation of the Japanese kimono, which appeared in Japan in the 5th century AD. In the era of Muromi, it was considered the bottom clothing, then they began to wear it without pants. Then the obi belt appeared, soft and wide.

Over time, sleeves increased, especially forunmarried women. Since the XIX century, this costume became national for the Japanese. Currently, it is worn for big holidays and celebrations, and in everyday life kimono is rarely worn, because the European fashion pushed the national costume into the background.

Basic pattern

The dress returned to fashion, modifieddesigners, in the 80s. And almost did not leave the podium for many years. The sleeve "bat" appeared all these years not only in dresses, but also in tunics, blouses. Many actresses and singers are happy to wear clothes of this breed. These dresses are universal, they fit different in age and complexion beauties.

dress pattern with sleeve bat

Pattern - this is drawn on paperThe design, which later sews a dress, blouse, tunic, skirt or trousers. It is necessary to take material for the dress "bat" not less than 140 cm wide, fold in half in half, and then in length, inverted to the top, to get 4 layers. Back and front cut out one pattern. The only difference is in the neckline.

If the width is less, then you need to take 2 lengthsmaterial, multiplied by 2, by its own length measure. It is necessary to fold pieces of cloth from the inside out. Then put the pattern back from one end of the material and properly pound the pins so that the entire structure is not rassezhalas. And from the other end, put a pattern of transfer. In this case, the middle of the gear and the backrest will be sewn. Bend the crease, as well as the back. Now we need to designate the sleeve of the desired length and width.

dress sleeve bat pattern

Pattern dress with sleeve "bat"

Photos of dresses with a similar cut may be introduced ina misconception that before us is a very complicated thing in tailoring. In fact, nothing complicated in this. If you have at least a little experience, you can easily cope with the tailoring.

Applied to the fabric pattern of dress with a sleeve"bat" we draw a chalk or a sharp piece of dry soap. If the cutout of the "boat" is conceived, then it is necessary to draw and cut the neck equally in front as well as behind. And if you need a V-neck, draw a triangle in front of the right depth.

Then cuffs are taken out, if necessary (by share). They can be either long or short.

On the oblique line we cut out the neckline. When cutting the dress, do not forget to add allowances to the seams: to the cutoff of the sleeve by 2 cm, to the cuts of the shoulders as much, to the cut of the bottom of the sleeve - 1 cm, and to the lower cut - from 3 to 4 cm. If the cuffs are planned, 1 cm and as much to the edge of the sleeve.

The resulting parts must be sewn and ironed. Sew the bezel to the neck. Sew the bottom gently, smooth out. Everything, you can put on and adorn in your wonderful product.

Recommendations for tailoring dresses for complete

A dress pattern with a "bat" sleeve for full ones is constructed similarly. You can use the scheme suggested above. The segments "line of the waist" and "line of the hips" are yours.T and OB, divided into 4.

These dresses successfully change the silhouette of the beautifulgirls with magnificent forms. They make a proportional figure, hide flaws. Women plus size often choose dresses from tight jersey. And if the legs are slender, then the length of the dress is allowed above the knee. In case you need to hide flaws, it is better to choose midi or maxi.

Silhouette of the dress looks very good on plump, emphasizing the chest and hiding the volume in the area of ​​the hips and abdomen. This cut is also great for expectant mothers, even on a long term.

Summer pattern

Pattern Dress with Sleeve Bat for Full

This is the pattern of a summer blouse. On it you can make a pattern dress with a sleeve "bat" for the summer for skinny girls, and for fat. You just need to enter your measurements in the design of the pattern and from the waist to extend the skirt of the desired length and style. In the rest everything, as in the previous case, patterns for a dress with a sleeve "bat."

For the summer option, you can take an easy,air material. For example, silk, stretch, light satin, summer jersey. The length of the dress can be any: for young and slender shorter, for solid ladies - to the knee, just below the knee or to the ankle. It is desirable for girls and women of low growth to wear high-heeled shoes, for example, shoes on a hairpin, as the dresses of this silhouette slightly visually reduce the growth.

pattern dress with sleeve bat photo

Now again dresses with a bat outline onfashion height. And just as in the 80s of the last century, women with pleasure replenish them with their wardrobe. Such clothing is convenient, and therefore can be an excellent option for work, at home, rest and even going out.