Modular origami: a vase for paper flowers.

Eastern art of folding papervarious figures have become so popular in our country that Russians can already boast of their own know-how and individual projects made in the style of origami. A lot of master classes from folk craftsmen tell how you can create figures of different animals - from the frog to Snake Gorynych. The sites offer a "recipe" for the finest cake with cream and roses, and there are descriptions of creating the most beautiful flowers. However, the latter will not look very good in a traditional vase - disharmony is obvious. Therefore, it is much more correct for a chic bouquet in origami style to perform the corresponding vase with the same technique.

Vases are different, including whenperforming them in origami technique. You can create some lacy splendor, airy and weightless. This will require about 1500 modules. A few evenings of painstaking work - and, please, your house will be decorated with a modular origami - vase called "Composition with Butterflies". Its base is dense enough to hold the rest of the structure. The main thing here is to clearly follow the instructions for creating an ornament, otherwise everything can crumble. In general, with proper fixing, origami modules create a fairly dense structure of the thing, allowing it to be freely transferred from place to place, and sometimes even given to children for play. However, in this case it is very important to read each module and correctly fasten it with the subsequent rows - only then the design will be sufficiently stable. In addition, the modules must be very tightly stacked - otherwise the product will lose much in attractiveness. In the version that is shown as a sample in the master class, the vase looks, as if it was woven from threads with the technique of macrame - it is very difficult to believe that such a miracle can be made from paper.

A classic vase from origami modules will requireMasters of 2000 multi-colored modules. Let's open the secret: to find a good color paper is not always possible, so you can simply stain ordinary office paper on one side with paints, allow to dry - and get a blank for the modules! The only drawback of such sheets is that they become softer, which means that each module has to be thoroughly ironed on the folds. After that, the collection begins. Modular origami "Vase" simply captivates the variety of colors and thoughtful lines. From a distance it's impossible to say that it's origami from triangular modules - the vase looks like real in every way. When collecting the product itself, it is most difficult to observe the sequence of alternating modules of different colors - but even this does not cloud the joy of creating another masterpiece. In the end, any product in the style of origami can easily be disassembled into components and start over.

Finally, triangles are not all modularorigami. The vase can also be executed in the style of "modern" with the help of completely different modules - also different in technique. We select beautiful glossy paper, clearly follow the instructions for creating modules and collect a quadrangular design with a complex geometric pattern. The author used the idea from a Japanese book - and the inhabitants of this country, as you know, differ in that they do nothing for nothing. Here, every symbol in the house serves a purpose, points to something, or protects. Undoubtedly, the vase from the origami modules looks just great and, reflecting the particles of light with a glossy surface of the paper, creates the effect of a glass surface. In addition, this unconventional, exclusive modular origami - vase looks not a paper craft, but a real find for the designer.

Dare! Vases origami - it's not just beautiful, it's very original and modern!