Master-class, how to make a modular origami basket

Modular origami basket is almostaccording to the same scheme as most artifacts in this technique - it's quite simple. Therefore, it can be done both by a master and by a beginner. We suggest you get acquainted with how to make a modular origami "Basket", as well as with existing variants of its design.

Making Modules

Before you collect the modular origami "Basket", you have to do many modules.

modular origami assembly of the basket

We offer you a master class how to properly collect them. And to make it more visible will help step-by-step photo provided in the article.

  1. Cut the same rectangles from colored paper.
  2. Take one of them and fold it in half in half (Figure 1).
  3. Then fold it again in half so that a fold line is formed (Figure 2).
  4. Put the rectangle in front of you, the convex side of the fold line upward.
  5. Bend the right and left sides of it to the center, so that the "wings" turn out (Figure 3).
  6. Turn over the shape and bend the edges of the "wings" (Figure 4).
  7. Unscrew the edges and bend one corner from the right and left side (Figure 5).
  8. Taper the edges again (Figure 6).
  9. Fold the figure in half (Figures 7 and 8).

The part is ready! It remains to make them a few dozen similarly, to make a beautiful modular origami basket.

We collect the first circle

modular origami basket

A modular origami basket starts just likeand most other crafts made in this technique. That is, you put two details on the edge and put the third on top. To continue the circle, add the fourth module down and put the fifth on top. So collect the whole ring (see how it's done on the proposed photo). To continue the assembly, you need to make several rows.

By the way, if you want a modular basketorigami was roomy, then make the first row large enough. The truth is then in the craft will be the bottom with a hole. But it can be closed with a conventional cardboard, from which cut a circle of a suitable diameter and insert it inside.

Modular origami - assembly of the basket

When the modules are ready, and the first tworow, you can create a basket. To do this, continue to create walls from triangle parts. Next row, put the modules in the correct order. Over time, you will see that your basket is expanding.

modular origami scheme of the basket

By and large, the modular origami scheme "Basket" and "Egg" is going to the same. Only for the bowl you only need a half testicle, and the bottom should be wider.

When the craft will reach the desired height, go to the assembly of the handle.

Handle for basket

By the way, if you do not make a pen, then you will get not a basket, but a vase (for example, for sweets). But since we make a basket, we offer you a master class on assembling its handle:

  1. Glue the middle of one module with glue and put it on the wall of the basket.
  2. Nearby put on two more, also greased with glue PVA.
  3. Continue putting the modules on top of each other.
  4. In each row, you must have three parts.
  5. When assembling the handle, try to bend it in an arc.
  6. When the handle is fully assembled, the last modules should be greased with PVA glue and attach to the basket wall.

To complete the craft, add a couple of rows of these parts to the sides of the handle.

modular origami scheme of the basket

If you are going to use theIt is not necessary to use PVA glue as a table decoration. But if you know that you need to carry the basket, holding the handle, but in addition there will be something not weightless, then every module of this element of the basket is best glued with glue.

Variants of design paper basket

Modular basket origami can be completely different kind, it all depends on your ability, imagination and preferences.

The easiest way to diversify the design is to make a basket with a pattern. To do this, use multi-colored modules and collect them in a certain order (for example, to get diamonds).

No less beautiful will be if the edges of the basket are made not even, but zigzag. This is done simply - do not put the modules in a circle, but plots.

You can collect a basket in the shape of a swan. It can be a traditional basket with a handle, one of the walls of which is added a swan head. It is assembled in the same way as the handle, only at the end is added one large module that performs the function of the beak. It can also be a basket that has a swan's head and its tail instead of a handle. To do this, you need to collect the modules in the form of a triangle.

You can also make a basket of origami on the stand. The technique of execution is the same as when assembling the craft "Egg". First, a small plate forms of the modules, then it is turned over and the basket itself is assembled on it.

modular origami basket

You can also diversify the design of paper baskets with the help of an internal filling. For example, put inside these candies or collect additional flowers in the origami technique.

And to make the article longer you are happy, protect it from moisture and brush it off with a dry cloth.