Origami tulip: scheme for children, master class

This kind of creativity, like origami, enjoysgreat demand among people of different ages, because from a regular sheet of paper in just a few minutes you can create an original product, whether it is a flower, a toy or an animal figure. Origami-tulip according to the scheme for children is very easy, but before you start creating masterpieces from ordinary paper, you need to go a little deeper into history and learn more about this kind of decorative art.

What is origami?

Origami is a kind of creativity, the only material in which is paper. However, before you start creating creations, you need to familiarize yourself with the basic rules for creating similar products.

origami tulip pattern for children

The art of incarnation is an incredible realityThe beauty of paper crafts was born in 610 in Japan. In the East, the square was treated with special respect. In Buddhism, he was considered a reflection of the universe. By itself, the Japanese considered something light, short-lived and fragile. In things from it they caught the breath of eternity, which one must be able to feel. Thus, the origami art was born. The miracle of technology is that to create paper crafts do not need glue, scissors and other improvised means. It is enough just to have a great desire to build a beautiful hand-made paper - origami-tulip from paper.

Today, this art is fond of everyone - from smallto great. Figures from paper are created by children, housewives, teenagers, artists. This technique is taught in school, in creative circles, about origami, books, magazines.

If we talk about children, then a great interest in small creators causes the opportunity to create a new toy. But the origami-tulip, the scheme for children whose content is simple, is also made easy.

Types of origami

In origami there are many techniques of execution. At the very beginning of the revival of this art, all the figures consisted exclusively of a square sheet of paper. Over time, for the production of paper figures began to use sheets of different shapes. So there appeared non-classical origami, which is called modular. Its principle is that the craft is assembled from small parts-modules, which are inserted into each other. In the same way, the origami-tulip from the modules is folded.

origami for children tulip

In Japan, the modular figure of the tyrannosaurus is in great demand, and in Canada a book has been published, in which the process of assembling this animal from paper is described in detail.

Tulip from paper

Scheme of origami-tulip from paper for childrenis so simple that even novices can handle it. Fold origami-flower is not difficult at all. The main thing is to follow the scheme clearly. Handicrafts of such a plan can be added by children of preschool and school age. If you collect the whole class, you can create a huge paper bouquet of multi-colored tulips.

Scheme of origami-tulip

Before you fold the origami tulip yourself, you need to prepare the necessary materials for this. For crafting you will need:

  • colored paper;
  • scissors;
  • ruler.

Tulips are flowers that can be presentedin different shades. It will be better if you use special paper for origami for origami, but if you do not have it at hand, you can use plain A4 paper, from which you need to cut a square. If several children take part in the process, it is necessary to prepare a certain number of paper sheets.

So, how do origami-tulips for children?First you need to fold the basic origami-shape - the "water bomb". The square should be folded in half, the field of which to do it again. Next, the billet of the tulip must be turned over and folded again. When folding a tulip, you need to keep an eye on the pattern and do it strictly according to the intended lines.

As a result, from a sheet of square form shouldget a large triangle. The corners of the figure need to be bent upward, turn the workpiece and bend them again. Angles should be bent to the points indicated in the figures. Then one corner needs to be tucked into another.

origami tulip from modules

Then the workpiece is turned over and the same actions are taken with it. In order for the tulip to bloom, it is necessary to blow it into its base, the field of which is to slightly bend the petals, as shown in the diagram.

Origami-tulip, according to the scheme for childrenmade, ready, now you need to make a stalk for him. To do this, take the green paper and collect according to the scheme. The square must be folded diagonally and unfolded. The sides should be bent to the central fold. The lower corners must also be bent to this place.

origami tulip from paper by own hands

The bottom corner should be folded up.Fold the workpiece in half, you need to puncture, the field of which should be bent from the stem. The last stage is the assembly of two flower parts. Creating a scheme for children origami-tulip, you need to add two pieces - bud and stem.