Billing order: order of filling, purpose

ABOUT payment order according to the Regulation of the Central Bank No. 383-P of 2012. This settlement document is created in a banking institution to make a partial transfer of funds. Let us further consider the features payment order.

payment order

General information

To form payment order It is necessary to partially accept the payer and the lack of the required amount of funds on the account. This document in banking practice is designated as a non-executed order until a certain time.

The order of registration payment order is similar to the procedure provided for filling settlement securities.

All copies of the document must be presentstamp of the bank, signature of the responsible officer and date. The first copy is certified by the signature of the bank employee. The form of the payment order has the code 0401066.


On the front part of the payment order, the "partial payment". On the reverse side, the responsible bank employee records a partial transfer. In particular, the number of the payment, the number and the date of the order, the amount and size of the balance are indicated. This data is certified by the signature of the employee.

cash warrant

Storage of documents

When transferring funds on behalf of the firsta copy of the order through which payment is made remains in the bank documents. The last copy is used as an attachment to the extract from the l / s payer.

When making the last payment by orderThe first copy of the order along with the first copy of this order is kept in bank documents. The remaining copies are issued to the payer along with the last copy cash warrant, which is attached to the extract from l / s.

Shipper document

It is worth saying that cash warrant to debit funds is used in banking practice is quite rare. In the automated system of a financial organization, a document is created and a specific type of transaction is selected:

  • Payment to the supplier.
  • Calculation of the loan / loan.
  • Transfer of tax payment.
  • Return of funds to the buyer.
  • Other settlements with counterparties.
  • Transfer to another company account.
  • Salary transfer.
  • Transfer of funds to an accountable person.
  • Other write-off of non-cash funds.

Filling in a payment order on cancellation is carried out on the basis of a bank statement. At registration it is considered that the transfer has already been made and is confirmed by the relevant documents.

partial payment

Warrant for funds receipt

It is drawn up on papers that differ from incoming orders. It should be noted that payment orders for money receipt and instructions are used almost at the same frequency.

As in the previous case, when creating a document, the corresponding transaction type is selected:

  • Payment from the buyer.
  • Calculation of the loan / loan.
  • Return of funds by the supplier.
  • Other settlements with counterparties.
  • Revenues from sales of bank loans and payment cards.
  • Encashment of funds.
  • Acquisition of foreign currency.
  • Proceeds from the sale of foreign currency.
  • Other transfers of non-cash funds.


Consider the features of the order used forcollection of funds. This document does not include details about payment details. The transfer of funds is carried out between the accounts of money. When specifying a corresponding article, one of the subaccounts 57 of the "Transfers in transit" account can be selected.

payment order and payment order

In the process of encashment, posting is formed:

- Дб сч. 51 Cd. 57 - by the amount deposited to the bank account.

Money falls on 57 account when reflectedcollection operation with a cash order (expenditure) of the corresponding type. In this case, when selecting and specifying the corresponding subaccount 57 of the account, the following posting is done:

- Дб сч. 57 Cd. 50 - for the amount of collected funds.

Design Features

In case of partial payment on all copies, the orders are indicated by:

  • Bank details.
  • The number of transactions that was committed.
  • Signature of the responsible employee.

The first copy should be certified by the employee of the banking organization, who supervised the execution of the order. The inscription on partial payment must be indicated on the top, on the right on the front side.

Payment order

It is a settlement document,expressing a written order of the account holder directed to the banking organization on the transfer of a certain amount to the beneficiary's account. The latter can be opened in this or another bank.

The execution of the instruction is carried out within the time limit established by the legislation, or in another, shorter period, if it is stipulated in the service agreement of the river bank or determined by customs.

filling out a payment order

With the help of this settlement document, transfers of funds are made:

  • For the supply of goods, the provision of services, the production of works.
  • To the budget of any level, off-budget funds.
  • With the purpose of return / placement of a loan / loan, payment of interest on borrowed funds.
  • For other purposes stipulated in the contract or law.

In accordance with the main contract, the assignmentcan be used to transfer the advance (prepayment) of services, works, goods or to perform periodic settlement operations. The document can be presented within 10 days (calendar). The time period starts from the next day after the date of issue.

Payment order and payment order: differences

These two documents have one common feature. Both the instruction and the warrant are used as a method of carrying out transactions related to partial payment. However, the documents have significant differences.

The first is that a payment order can not be used to fully pay an invoice or a receipt. The payment order, on the contrary, usually performs just such a function.

A payment order is directmoney transfer. At the same time, it is not expected that the client will issue an order for the settlement transaction to the banking organization. The payment order, in turn, provides for the transfer to the banking structure of the right to transfer money from the client's account to another bank.

payment order form

A payment order can be used, for example,judicial authorities. Instances appeal to a banking organization with a demand to write off a certain amount from the debtor's account in favor of another person or some structure. At the same time, the account holder is not informed in advance of the transactions that will be made with his money. About the transfer, he can find out after the transfer of funds, that is, upon the fact of the execution of the warrant. For example, it can be a sms alert. On the operation, he may not know before visiting the banking structure (if, say, a mobile bank is not installed).

Accordingly, the payment order and the order are documents of different content. They can be executed independently of each other or be interconnected settlement papers.