In what investments should be invested?

Investment is an investment of funds,to get additional income. You can do this in various ways, it all depends on the type of investment. In the form of investments can be offered money, securities, property, including intellectual. But before investing money or property, you need to consider the types of investments.

Types of investments:

1. Investments related to a certain object:

- material (real) investments - Investments in property - buildings, equipment, production, land plots;

- financial investments - investments in other companies, when shares and securities of specific firms are purchased;

- Non-financial investments - are directed to purchase of developments, inventions, investments in advertising;

- speculative - short-term investments in order to obtain large profits - securities, currency.

2. For the purpose of investment:

- direct - investments in business, in production for the continuation of entrepreneurial activity;

- portfolio - purchase of a portfolio of securities of the enterprise;

- non-financial - investments in patents, trademarks, which contribute to the increase of the activity itself;

- intellectual - contributions to products of intellectual activity.

3. for the time factor:

- Short-term (up to 1 year);

- medium-term (1-3 g);

- Long-term (from 3 years).

4. according to the form of ownership of capital:

- private capital;

- state property;

- Foreign capital;

- mixed ownership.

5. on accounting:

- gross - all investments are calculated for a specific period;

- net - investments are recorded after deduction of depreciation;

6. by origin of capital:

- Primary investment;

- reinvestment - investments, formed from primary investments;

- disinvestment - irrevocable receipt of capital.

Annuity investments.

It is separately necessary to consider annuityInvestment, which can be called a separate type of investment. They consist in the fact that the funds are being invested now, and the income can only be obtained if specific conditions come-age, status, or after some time.

A little about the risks.

Each project is different from each other, so its riskiness must be considered separately, but there are several factors that will prompt how much the project is risky:

  • the situation in the country in the economy and on the political front;
  • tax policy of the country;
  • system of investment distribution within the enterprise;
  • scale of production, satisfaction of workers;
  • the level of return on investment in accordance with the interest rate.