Accounting management in the enterprise

At the moment, accounting managementAccounting can be defined as an activity that takes place in one enterprise. It provides the management apparatus of the business entity with the necessary information that is used to plan, monitor and manage the activities of the organization.

The whole process involves identifying, collecting, preparing, analyzing, interpreting, receiving and transmitting information that is necessary for the management apparatus to perform its functions.

Accounting management accounting is an area andsystem of research at the same time. It is an important element of the organization's management system. Also it can be designated as a link connecting the accounting process and the management of the enterprise.

Accounting management accounting is designed to:

- provide the necessary information to the administration in order to effectively manage production and make rational decisions in the future;

- Calculate the actual cost of products, as well as identify deviations from norms, estimates and standards;

- determine the financial results of products already sold, new technological solutions, etc.

accounting management accounting

Accounting management has an object andan object. The subject is the industrial management of the enterprise as a whole, as well as subdivisions. Operations that are exclusively financial in nature do not relate to management accounting. Among them, you can select purchase, sale of property, leasing and leasing, operations with securities, investments, etc.

Objects of accounting are:

accounting management accounting is

- costs of the organization (capital and current);

- results of the enterprise management;

- internal reporting;

- budgeting;

- internal formation of prices.

Accounting management accounts for the following purposes:

- information support for managers, assistance in decision-making;

- planning, forecasting and control of the economic and management activities of the organization;

- Selection of optimal ways for effective development of the enterprise.

accounting and management accounting

Accounting and management accounting is aimed atsolution of the task of drawing up internal reports. They should include information on both the overall financial state of the enterprise and how production is going on. The content of these reports can vary depending on what goals will be set and to whom the final result of the work will be delivered.

Accounting management accounting is conducted using the following methods and techniques:

- documentation and inventory;

- balance sheet and generalization;

- statistical index methods;

- economic analysis (mainly factorial);

- mathematical (linear programming, correlation, etc.).

These methods are often integrated anda unified system of management accounting. It is conducted at the enterprise independently, without participation of state bodies. Nevertheless, his management in the organization is simply necessary for both the company itself and for those interested in persons.