Competent investment activity of the enterprise as a pledge of financial prosperity

The efficiency of the enterprise depends oninvestment. No enterprise or company, of course, is able to function without financial resources. And for development, not always enough of its own funds. In this case, they resort to attracting investments from, that is, investors. In addition, the investment activity of an enterprise may consist in investing in various spheres of the economic market by the enterprise itself. This can be both the own production of any goods, and the financing of third-party projects and developments to obtain financial dividends.

Investment activity of the enterpriseis provided by practical application, is its economic activity. It is aimed at attracting investment funds, for the development of the firm. It is necessary to choose the right investment object and ensure the correct implementation. All this is aimed at generating revenue in the future. The investment activity of the enterprise is moving along two courses: - external course - internal rate. That the enterprise worked stably and brought in the income, it is necessary to introduce new technologies. These two factors, such as the innovative and investment activities of the enterprise determine the fate of the enterprise in the future.

There are five main ways of innovation:

- application of modern technology - new technological processes

- development of new markets for marketing - use of absolutely new raw materials

- the release of goods on the market, with completely new properties.

Investments should be invested in an enterprisecompetently, it is necessary to make an analysis of production and identify the elements in which the innovative and investment activities of the enterprise would be much more efficient in generating revenue in the future. Often, you have to apply your talent and imagination, you need to see how successful business will look in a few years, and sometimes even decades. Features of the investment activity of the enterprise:

- revenue growth depends on the increase in volumesthe reduction of the cost segment of current operations (the replacement in due time of obsolete equipment, as well as the replacement of morally old fixed assets) - this activity depends little on sectoral features, in contrast to production activities - investments invested in the enterprise are different by period, it depends from the accumulation of financial resources

- the profit of the enterprise is always calculated, for a period with some delay - the investment activity of the enterprise is always characterized by a certain risk.

Investment activity in Russia is very gooddeveloped. Investments go both from foreign firms, and from the state fund. There are branch, mixed, municipal and private investments. Investment is also distinguished by the payback period, it can be short-term, medium-term, and long-term, which pays off for a long time. There are many objects of investment activity: - shares and bonds (securities), financial investments - deposits of legal entities in the bank - deposits of individuals in the bank - resources of nature - intellectual property. Innovation and investment play a huge role with the establishment of a successful modern enterprise. Changing production, the company enters a new technical and scientific level. All this leads to the release of new modern products, which will successfully advance in the sales markets. Also, the investment activity of the enterprise should include the introduction of new management, a new motivation and a new organization.

Competent investment activity of the company contributes not only to the survival of the company in a tough competitive market, but also contributes to its prosperity to a small extent.