Financial statements of the enterprise. Its meaning

One of the most important documents at the enterpriseis considered the financial statements of the enterprise, which can practically "diagnose" the business. But for the correctness of this diagnosis, it is necessary to understand and correctly read the balance sheet and reporting. There are not so few figures in the balance sheet, but if there is a desire, to understand everything and learn how to read the reports you can, it will be interesting and useful. True leaders, apart from everything else, simply have to be a little accountants, because the financial position of your company can only be clarified in this way.

Financial reporting of the company helpsassess its solvency, financial stability and property status, as well as other results that are needed to substantiate many decisions (for example, it is advantageous to grant or extend a loan, establish the degree of reliability of business communications).

Using reporting, you can assess the need forfinancial resources, determine the financial performance of the institution, the effectiveness of the capital structure, forecast, and also solve other tasks related to the management of financial activities and financial resources. First of all, it relates to financial firms that issue and place securities. The financial statements of an enterprise must satisfy the needs of internal and external consumers of information. Forms of financial statements and their volumes are set in the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation.

The financial statements of the enterprise include the indicators of all representative offices, branches and other units (including those that have separate balances).

The financial statements of the enterprise are capable ofreflect the financial and property status of the organization and the results of its economic activities. It is based on accounting data and calculations.

In the reporting period, the last calendar day is the date on which the reporting is made. The reporting year is the period from the first of January inclusive to the thirty-first of December.

For organizations that are newly created, the firstthe accounting year is the period from the date when their state registration took place on the thirty-first of December, and for the institutions that were established after the first October, on the thirty-first of December of the following year.

Accounting financial statements of organizations, institutions - this is the final stage in the accounting process.

Reporting is presented in the form of tables, which are filled in according to analytical and synthetic accounting data.

Financial accounting of the organizationhelps to assess the creditworthiness of the enterprise, that is, how timely and completely the company is able to settle for its obligations. It can help to identify quickly implemented, difficult and slowly realizable assets, as well as the most liquid assets.

The reporting of the enterprise can be traditionally classified by type. It can be operational, statistical and accounting.

By the periodicity of the compilation of accounts are divided into annual and intra-annual. Consolidated reporting and primary reporting - according to the degree of generalization of the reporting information.

Reporting is one of the main techniquesmethodology of accounting. Financial statements of institutions, organizations, enterprises - this is the branch of accounting reporting, which registers information about the activities of the institution, organization, enterprise.

In the accounting department, there are specific standards for reporting and accounting, which are adopted in the countries of the market economy.