Restoring accounting and tax accounting is a simple way out of a difficult situation

Guarantee of effective and successfulentrepreneurial activity is professional and competent accounting. But what if, during a certain period, it was conducted poorly or not at all? In this case, one can not do without such a service as the restoration of accounting and tax accounting. Specialists will help cope with the situation of any degree of "neglect" and take up the planning of further development of economic activity.

restoration of accounting and tax accounting
Companies order this service in the following cases:

  • identification of unreliability of primary information;
  • the absence of registers and accounting for transactions for a certain period;
  • incorrect management of tax and accounting records in previous periods;
  • change of chief accountant;
  • loss of important documents;
  • after the auditor performs the audit;
  • before the visit of the tax inspector.

maintenance and restoration of accounting
The outsourcer undertakes to restore order in paymenttaxes, establish accounting records and correct existing errors, and restore the organization's accountability. Also, tax declarations must be issued and filed and taxes calculated. The company-customer receives significant savings in time and money, as well as the opportunity to fully focus on planning the development of its core business. That is why it is usually much more profitable to order a service for restoring accounting records and not wait until the situation gets out of control.

Restoration of accounting and tax accounting has the following main objectives:

  • bringing the documentation and reporting of the enterprise in accordance with the current regulatory and legal acts;
  • restoration of control over economic activities carried out by the company. Accounting mistakes, as a rule, cause additional expenses in the form of fines and overpayment of taxes.

Maintenance and restoration of accountingwill help in this case to quickly get out of a difficult situation and stop violating the current legislation, incorrectly filling out tax returns. More often it is much easier and cheaper to hire specialists than to try to cope with all the problems yourself. In addition, the restoration and management of accounting by a third-party company reduces the risk of errors, and eliminates the need to search, hire and pay staff of accountants.

The main stages of the procedure

  • studying of accounting documentation and assessment of its condition;
  • preparation of the report and provision of recommendations;
  • drawing up a program of procedure implementation;
  • restoration of accounting and tax accounting in the enterprise;
  • preparation of the corrected documentation.

restoration and accounting
At the first stage, the currentthe state of affairs in the organization and the state of its financial statements. Further, there is a restoration of accounting and tax accounting, and at the last stage, recommendations are given regarding the documenting of business operations in the future.