Banking operations with securities as a type of brokerage service

Service brokerage companies, like any othertransactions with securities in the markets are carried out at tariffs that are determined by the value of turnover for the trading session. Based on this principle, the basic tariff plans are constructed, for which active operations with clients' securities are serviced.

To date, major brokers innational securities market are building their tariff policy with the maximum consideration of the interests of customers. For example, if you are just starting to conduct banking operations with securities, or just want to evaluate brokerage services, you will most likely be offered tariff plans that provide short-term brokerage services at low costs. At the same time, there is no minimum payment for the instruction, and the commission rate is only about 0.015% of the turnover. If you have some exchange experience and want to get the most favorable conditions for your transactions, you will be satisfied with the tariff plans, on which the commission is calculated not to turnover, but to the profit that the client receives and, as a rule, is about 30% of the results of trades for the month .

Operations with securities are nowall leading trading platforms. Representatives of companies in the regions of Russia organize activities on the basis of contracts, under which conditions are responsible for service, and field staff perform procedures and actions that require their full-time presence in the regions. Almost all cities in Russia today, through brokerage services, are able to participate in tenders for profitable tariff plans and with high quality of service.

Clients are available about 20 platforms, including,and mobile, where you can implement almost any trading strategy based on the needs of the client. About half of them are provided free of charge. For example, the Transaq platform after a free installation on a computer allows operations on the MICEX, Deutsche Börse, RTS, even on access channels with low bandwidth. And the firm application FinamTrade does not require installation at all and gives the opportunity to conduct trades on the MICEX, FORTS, Forex. The application has a convenient settings panel, an intuitive and attractive interface, a news module and a wide option for servicing the client's portfolio. The free application MetaTrader has perfectly proved itself in trading in the Forex market and during futures transactions.

The most important question of the success of any operation withsecurities at auction, is, of course, the problem of choosing a trading strategy. Here the result depends, first of all, on the chosen method and technology of actions on the market, which together constitute a trading strategy. We must understand that there is no universal and generally successful way to make money on stock deals, although on this topic, and written whole volumes. Conditions and charts on the exchange for all participants are the same, but their interpretation is different, therefore, the results are also different.

But there are rules that should be taken into account by all participants when conducting operations with securities.

The investment strategy is to determine the growing assets through fundamental analysis, and then, on the basis of these assets, a dividend portfolio is formed.

The strategy of following the trend is to use the trend inertia, the goal is to enter the position exactly when the trend is growing and exit - when the trend begins to weaken.

Countertrend strategy speaks for itself by its name, when using this technology, shares are bought on the fall, and sold when the price for them grows.

There are other strategies, butuse of any important thing to remember that you can earn on the stock exchange, but you can lose, trading on it is directly related to risks, and only you decide, risk yourself or resort to the services of a professional broker.