How to make a salad with pickled mushrooms

It's no secret that many salads are addedmushrooms, fresh, fried or pickled. This is partly because the taste and aroma of mushrooms make the dishes a special highlight. In order to make a salad with pickled mushrooms, it often does not take much time and effort, and the result can be very impressive.

To begin with, it is worth remembering a few important nuances. Before preparing a salad with canned mushrooms, they drain all the liquid and rinse. If they contain too much salt or vinegar, it is recommended that they boil for a few minutes (they should not be cooked for too long, as they can become stiff).

There are several ways in whicha salad with pickled mushrooms is prepared. So, you need a boiled potato, a jar of mushrooms, 100 grams of hard cheese, salted cucumber, a bulb, 2 boiled eggs. Mushrooms are prepared, cut (if necessary) in small pieces. Onions are cut and lightly fried. All other ingredients are cut into cubes, laid out in a salad bowl and thoroughly mixed. This salad is filled with mayonnaise. However, for people who count calories, a salad is perfect, in which instead of mayonnaise dressing will serve as vegetable oil and a small amount of lemon juice. Decorate the dish can chopped greens or chopped ringlets olives.

Lovers of meat food can prepare a salad withwhite mushrooms and chicken. For this, a can of marinated mushrooms will need 250 grams of chicken fillet, cheese, half a can of green peas. The chicken is boiled and divided into fibers. Cheese is ground in a blender or on a grater, mushrooms are cut. The prepared dishes are laid out with ingredients and mixed. You can fill this dish with sour cream with the addition of a small amount of shredded horseradish. Also to taste is added salt and spices.

The original taste will have a salad withmarinated mushrooms and cranberries. For him, you need to take 200 grams of fresh berries, boiled potatoes and mushrooms (preferably mushrooms or champignons), greens. The washed cranberries are laid out in deep dishes, mushrooms, potatoes cut into cubes, chopped dill and green onions are added to it. Everything is filled with mayonnaise. It should be borne in mind that it is not recommended to stand this salad for a long time, since the berry can release juice. It is better to cook it just before the start of the holiday.

Also, the salad will have an interesting taste,prepared according to the following recipe. From the ingredients you need to take mushrooms, smoked chicken breast, a few boiled eggs, a can of lecho and mayonnaise. From lecho pepper is removed and put in a colander, to make a stack of tomato, after which it is cut into small pieces. Cooked eggs are rubbed on a medium grater. Chicken and mushrooms are cut into cubes. A flat wide dish is prepared, on which the ingredients will be laid out in layers. First put mushrooms, meat on them. The next layer will be pepper, which is laid eggs. On top of the salad smeared with mayonnaise and left for several hours in the refrigerator. If desired, the layers can be repeated in the same order.

In addition to meat and vegetables, the mushrooms are perfectly combinedto taste with fish and seafood. For example, you can prepare a salad with tuna and the addition of pickled mushrooms. For this, tuna (it is better to take canned) is cut into cubes, as are mushrooms. Added here are boiled rice, chopped eggs and olive cut into rings. The ingredients of the salad are thoroughly mixed, dressed with garlic sauce, decorated with greens. Salad slightly salted and sprinkled with lemon juice.

It must be said that a salad with pickled mushrooms, no matter what additional ingredients are added to it, will serve as an excellent snack and a hearty dish on the festive table.