Salad with mushrooms and smoked chicken: recipes and recommendations

No modern festive table is not completewithout cold snacks and various salads. And in the daily diet of the family, these dishes will bring a pleasant variety. Therefore, any hostess is important to have at hand as many interesting recipes to surprise from time to time close and friends.

Chicken and mushrooms

salad with mushrooms and smoked chicken
Perhaps, the most popular type of salads - assorted,with meat and vegetable ingredients. They are nourishing and useful, since protein is a building material for the body, and fiber, minerals and vitamins are simply necessary for the immune system and the normal functioning of all organs. Therefore, the first thing we suggest you to prepare is a salad with mushrooms and smoked chicken. It can be used both as an independent dish, and as an addition to others. The main advantages of food - it requires very little time, and the taste - just delicious. To a salad with mushrooms and smoked chicken was on your table, you need the following products: champignons or mushrooms, gingerbread or mushrooms (any kind of mushrooms) - 200-250 g, meat fillets as much, 1 onion, a bag of rye crumbs, a few cloves of garlic and mayonnaise for refueling.

Cooking with pleasure

salad of mushrooms and smoked chicken
Cooking salad with mushrooms and smoked chickenshould start with roast. Cut the onions into cubes and save in a small amount of butter. Fresh mushrooms wash, brush, cut into small slices. Put them in a frying pan and fry until done. To taste, salt, add the sharpened ground pepper. Then transfer to a bowl. Cut the smoked chicken fillets across the fibers in small cubes and combine them with mushrooms. Garlic chopped, mix with a few spoons of mayonnaise. Pour into the resulting salad with mushrooms and smoked chicken crumbs, season with sauce, sprinkle with pepper. Thoroughly mix everything, put it in a salad bowl, decorate with branches of fresh parsley or dill. And serve on the table at once, until the crackers are soaked. This salad of mushrooms and smoked chicken fits perfectly to fried potatoes or mashed potatoes. And it goes well with a glass of dry red wine.

Salad with mushrooms and olives

salad with pickled mushrooms and smoked chicken
Another advantage of cold snacks is changing1-2 ingredients with the main set of products, you can get almost different high-grade dishes, each of which will not yield to another taste. That's why, if you put salad with pickled mushrooms and smoked chicken on the table, adding olives and canned corn to them, then this delicacy will take an honorable place next to that dish, the recipe of which you already know - your guests will be very pleased! You need: a jar of fudge, 350 g of chicken meat, a jar of olives without pits. Mushrooms, if they are too acidic or salty, you need to rinse off the brine. Do not fry them. Just cut into small pieces, do the same with the olives. Cubes chop the chicken. Connect with mushrooms, black olives and corn. Season with mayonnaise, pepper and season if necessary. For more sharpness, a few cloves of garlic are passed through the press and add to the dish. Stir well and enjoy!

Exotic salad

salad with mushrooms pineapple and smoked chicken
Salad with mushrooms, pineapple and smoked chicken -the dish is exotic, the taste is gentle and pleasant. In general, the meat is healthy in harmony with certain fruits and berries, in particular with pineapple. You can supplement the dish with such a component as your favorite sort of cheese. And then the joy of gourmets will not be the limit. So, as you already understood, you need: a jar of canned pineapple (or fresh fruit), chicken meat from 250 g, 300 g of mushrooms (it is better to fry them: it is in fried form they are more combined with smoked chicken), about 100 grams hard cheese. Canned pineapples can be removed from the jar, drain the juice, and cut the flesh into cubes. Fresh fruit should be freed from the peel, and the flesh also cut (the amount determined according to your taste). Sliced ​​meat and cheese. Mix all ingredients, add and pepper, season with mayonnaise with a mild flavor or yoghurt. And in order to completely turn the salad into the food of the gods, put some more prunes in it. Well, how, great?

And more tips

Supplement the main recipe of the dish can be and suchcomponents like walnuts or cedar, pickled cucumbers and hard boiled eggs, boiled potatoes and carrots, bell peppers, fresh dill. The original taste of the dish will be given to pieces of marinated in honey gogoshara. And if the dish itself is laid out on juicy green lettuce leaves, it will become more appetizing doubly. So try, experiment, eat a variety, useful and tasty!