Lenten salad with mushrooms: fast, satisfying, tasty!

Lenten salad with mushrooms is suitable for snacks,and for a festive table. There is no single and only recipe for this salad, which is loved by many people. The article will introduce you, dear reader-cooks, with several of the most popular recipes for mushroom salads.

First, salad deserves special attentionlean with mushrooms and potatoes. Cook several potatoes in a uniform, peel them from the skin and cut into small cubes. Mushrooms, pickled cucumber and onion finely. Add a little sauerkraut, salt and pepper the salad. Stir all ingredients until a homogeneous salad is obtained. Ready-made lean salad with mushrooms is refilled with a small dose of corn oil.

Secondly, in the summer to surprise visitors and pleaseThe family can be salad from pickled mushrooms and vegetables. You will need 150 grams of marinated mushrooms, two large tomatoes, two cucumbers, some olives, green onions, garlic and parsley. Products are cut into small cubes (olives - rings) and mixed. Salad is seasoned with sunflower or corn oil, salt and black pepper are added to taste.

Thirdly, fans of vegetarian cuisine in wintercan eat and treat their loved ones with a light snack from dried mushrooms. Lenten salad with mushrooms and beans is not prepared quickly, but for the sake of this unique taste you can afford to spend an extra half hour in the kitchen. The composition of the salad includes canned red beans (one pot), dried mushrooms (one hundred grams), walnuts (fifty grams), greens, salt. For salad dressing, a special sauce is used, with the recipe of which you will now also get acquainted. First, the mushrooms must be soaked in milk for a couple of hours. After soaked mushrooms are cooked in brackish water. Cut them into small pieces and mix with canned red beans, pre-draining the liquid from the tin can. Add chopped walnuts and stir salad. For the sauce, combine the lean oil with the vinegar and a teaspoon of mustard, add a pinch of ground pepper. Season the lean salad with mushrooms and cooked sauce and sprinkle with herbs to make it even tastier and more beautiful.

When the next post is over and the time is rightmeat and fish delicacies, you should not forget about mushrooms! Note the end of the post by making a delicious salad with a mushroom. Ingredients in the salad are laid out in layers. First lay the sliced ​​marinated mushrooms on a large shallow plate. The second layer is the onion. Then grease the salad with mayonnaise a thin layer. The third layer is potatoes. Rub potatoes on a large grater and gently lay the resulting mass over mayonnaise. Next layer put the ham, cut into small cubes. Then follows a finely chopped salted cucumber, after which the salad should again be greased with mayonnaise. Grate the eggs with boiled eggs and sprinkle them with a salad. Decorate it with rubbed cheese and top again with mayonnaise. Leave the resulting salad in a cool place for two or three hours. Then you can taste the food.

Another salad with meat - saladrustic with mushrooms. This salad is also laid out layers. For its preparation, the following products are needed: champignons (half a kilogram), chicken meat (300 grams), 2-3 pickled cucumbers of medium size, four hard-boiled eggs, onions, salt and mayonnaise. Mushrooms are first cooked, and then lightly fried in vegetable oil. The products fit into the salad in the following order: first potatoes, then onions, after - cucumbers, champignons and chicken. Each layer is smeared with mayonnaise. Ready salad sprinkled with grated egg yolks.

Bon Appetit!