Delicious and healthy autumn salad: the recipe is not one

Autumn is the time for vegetables and fruits, so the most important thingtime to try to stock up the maximum amount of nutrients, eating them raw. But after all, not every vegetable can simply be taken and started to gnaw. In order to combine business with pleasure, it is best to make a salad. The autumn recipe for cooking this dish can be calculated as just to eat a salad at dinner, and act as the basis for winter harvesting. Of course, in the latter case, vitamins will remain less, but it is still better than staying and without them at all.

Autumn salad with mushrooms for dinner

This dish, in principle, can be prepared in anytime of year, because it uses products that are always available. And thanks to the appearance and design it is called "Autumn" salad. The recipe is quite simple, but there are much fewer vitamins in this dish than in others.

autumn salad with mushrooms
First you need to take a boiled chicken thigh(you can have other meat), about 200 g of fresh mushrooms (best of all forest, freshly picked). You will also need 2 steep eggs, a large carrot and an average onion, garlic, ground pepper, a little vegetable oil, a couple of pickled cucumbers, mayonnaise and greens for decoration.

Forest mushrooms are pre-brewed (with champignonsso do not necessarily), and then, finely chopped, fried in oil with grated carrots and chopped onion. Several pieces are left whole to decorate the dish.

In mayonnaise squeeze out the garlic and add choppedgreens, leaving a few twigs. Cucumbers need to be cut into cubes, grate eggs on a large grater, and cut the meat into fibers. Form the salad layers. At the bottom of the dish lay meat, then mushrooms with vegetables, then cucumbers. Next, the sequence of layers is repeated, lubricating each sauce. On top lay eggs and corn, decorate the remaining greens and mushrooms.

If you fantasize a bit, based on thisYou can create your own salad "Autumn". The recipe is changed by adding additional ingredients. And those who do not use mayonnaise, it can be replaced with sour cream or yogurt.

Autumn salad, recipe for winter

In principle, this dish can not be usedonly as a preparation, but also as an addition to dinner. In this case, vegetables can be taken less. If the salad is sent to cans, then, on the contrary, the quantity of products is increased, keeping the proportion.

lettuce autumn recipe
One kilo of white cabbage is taken byhalf a kilo of carrots, onions, bell pepper and ripe tomatoes. It will also require 2 heads of garlic, salt to taste, one and a half glasses of vegetable oil, half a cup of sugar and the same amount of vinegar (9 percent).

autumn salad recipe for winter
All vegetables are cut approximately the same, starting withcabbage. Then they are sent to a large container, where they mix and knead well with their hands to start the juice. Then add salt, sugar, vinegar and butter. You can put a little peppercorns and a bay leaf. Next, the mass is put into a container with a lid and placed for a day in the cold. Exactly after 24 hours, a delicious and healthy salad "Autumn" will be ready. The recipe for the billet will be the same, only the finished dish should be spread over clean cans and sterilized within half an hour.