Salad "Autumn": a variety of recipes

Today I want to share with you recipesseveral salads. What is the most interesting? They have the same name - salad "Autumn", but the composition and preparation are very different. At once there is a question, why different salads have not given a different name? Here you can only guess what guided this or that cook. Let's try to figure it out.

Salad "Autumn": the recipe is the first. For its preparation we need any boiled meat (I take a chicken breast) - 200 grams, boiled eggs in the amount of two pieces, tomatoes are also two pieces, lettuce leaves (you can use leaves from Peking cabbage), any crackers from the store and mayonnaise a couple of tablespoons . Crackers can and cook most in the oven. To do this, simply fry the bread, pre-cut into cubes and seasoned with spices (I sometimes do so). Now let's start the cooking process. Meat is cut into strips and laid out on lettuce leaves, pre-laid on a plate. Next, spread a layer of mayonnaise and lay on it chopped finely eggs. Next we cut tomatoes into cubes and again grease with mayonnaise. It remains to top with sprat bread and beautifully decorate with greens. Salad is ready to eat. It is best to lay out the breadcrumbs before serving, otherwise they will get wet and the whole taste of autumn salad will be lost. Well, did anyone guess why the salad was named after this time of the year? Maybe it was just the first time that a salad was cooked in the fall.

Salad "Autumn": the recipe is the second. To prepare this salad, you will need the following products:

fresh champignons or other mushrooms - 300 grams,

one apple is green,

dark grapes - 300 grams,

a pair of tarragon sprigs,


olive oil - four tablespoons,

salt and black ground pepper.

Vinogradinki we cut into two parts and remove fromthem all bones. Cut the apples into cubes. Next, squeeze the juice from the lemon and sprinkle apples with grapes. Cut champignons into slices and add to the rest of the products. Sprinkle with salt, crushed tarragon and pepper, mix everything. Salad "Autumn" is ready for use. True, it should immediately be served on the table, until the apples have darkened and become soft. Thanks to the presence of grapes and mushrooms in the salad, it becomes immediately clear why the salad has acquired such a name. Is not it?

The third salad "Autumn" with chicken, mushrooms andpickled cucumbers. To prepare this salad, you need one chicken breast or a leg, mushrooms (champignons) 150 grams, one onion and carrots, homemade pickled cucumbers or gherkins, several pieces, canned corn 4 tablespoons, two eggs, mayonnaise for refueling, any greens, a pair of denticles garlic, sunflower oil for frying, salt and ground black pepper. Boil first chicken, then separate it from the bone and cut into thin strips. While chicken is being cooked, we clean mushrooms and cut them into slices. Chop the onions, and rub the carrots on a large grater. Now mushrooms, onions, carrots must be separately fried in sunflower oil, although you can mix everything together, your taste of the salad from it will not lose. Separately in a saucepan we boil eggs, then rub them on a grater. Prepare the corn by draining the can from the can. And do not forget to cut into cubes cucumbers. In a separate bowl, it is necessary to mix finely chopped greens, garlic and mayonnaise. Now that all the ingredients are ready, you can put a layer by layer on the dish, not forgetting to lubricate each layer with the resulting sauce. You can decorate a salad according to your taste. For example, it would be good to lay out of corn and greens any ornament that is characteristic of autumn. This salad is called "Autumn", I think, because of its composition, although at present all the ingredients can be freely purchased in supermarkets.

Another recipe for a note I want to offer is a salad "Rhapsody". It's just delicious, delicate and original. For its preparation, take:

chicken fillet boiled - 200 grams,

pickled mushrooms - 200 grams,

cheese - 100 grams,

one apple,

two tomatoes and mayonnaise.

This salad should be laid out layers: first chicken fillet, finely chopped, then mushrooms. Next is the apple, grated on a grater, tomatoes, diced, and grated cheese on a fine grater. Beautifully decorate a salad and serve it to the table. Such a salad "Autumn" is good for both dinner and a festive table.