Salad with green peas

Almost everyone likes a salad with green peas. Cook it very quickly and easily, especially if you use canned green peas. Other ingredients are added to salads, for example: cucumbers, cabbage, chicken, shrimp, potatoes, canned fish and other products. To fill such salads is better with mayonnaise or salad dressing. The most popular salad, which includes canned green peas, is the famous "Olivier". But apart from him, there are other recipes of no less delicious dishes.

When choosing canned green peas,give preference to cerebral varieties - such peas are much tastier. It is better to purchase the product in glass jars - so you can determine its quality.

We offer you several recipes for delicious salads.

Salad with green peas and mushrooms

For cooking, you will need:

- 100 grams of green peas;

- 600 grams of salted mushrooms;

- 150 grams of potatoes;

- four tablespoons of mayonnaise;

- two onions;

- salt;

- pepper.


1. Salted mushrooms soak, cut into strips, and put in a salad bowl;

2. Peel the onion and add to the mushrooms;

3. Boiled potatoes cut into slices and add to mushrooms;

4. add to the mushrooms and potatoes green peas, salt, pepper and dress with mayonnaise and mix well.

Salad with green peas and mushrooms is ready, you can serve it on the table.

Simple salad with green peas

For cooking, you will need:

- fresh cucumbers 2 - 3 pieces;

- canned green peas 300 grams;

- two eggs;

- greenery;

- salt;

- mayonnaise;

- ground pepper.


1. wash the cucumbers into small cubes;

2. boiled eggs should be cleaned and cut into small cubes;

3. canned peas to merge;

4. Peas, eggs and cucumbers should be mixed in a salad bowl;

5. Salad pepper, salt, add mayonnaise and decorate with dill and parsley.

Salad ready.

Salad with green peas and chicken

To prepare a salad you will need:

- chicken meat 250 grams;

- cheese 150 grams;

- two pickled cucumbers;

- two sausages;

- two eggs;

- two potatoes;

- one jar of green peas;

- one clove of garlic;

- mayonnaise;

- greenery.


1. boiled eggs, garlic and cheese grate;

2. sausages, boiled potatoes, boiled chicken meat and cucumbers cut into small cubes or straws;

3. put everything in a salad bowl, add green peas, season with mayonnaise and mix well;

4. Salad with green peas and chicken can be decorated with greens.

This salad with green peas is simple, it is very easy to cook, but the flavoring qualities are at an altitude!

Salad with green peas and shrimps

For cooking, you will need:

- shrimp 100 grams;

- one cucumber;

- two carrots;

- two eggs;

- two apples or a tomato;

- green peas 50 grams;

- green salad of 50 grams;

- salad dressing 4 tbsp. l;

- cauliflower 1,4 heads;

- mayonnaise 1,2 tbsp.

For cooking shrimp:

- carrots five grams;

- five grams of fennel or parsley;

- Bay leaf;

- bell pepper;

- salt.


1. Shrimp thoroughly and boil.Boil water, add chopped carrots, salt, parsley or dill greens, pepper, and, after boiling, put shrimp. Boil the prawns on low heat: boiled shrimp 3 - 5 minutes, and raw 10 - 12 minutes. Leave for a few minutes in broth;

2. Separate the shell of the shell. For a salad, use only the shrimp neck;

3.rinse the leaves of the green salad, cut into several pieces, leave a few leaves for decoration, put the salad in the middle of the salad bowl, spread out "bouquets" fresh cucumbers, which must be cut into slices, boiled carrots, apples or tomatoes, eggs, green peas and boiled cauliflower. Put shrimps on top of a green salad;

3. In the salad before serving, add a dressing and decorate with dill;

4. To serve mayonnaise separately.

You can also make a salad with crabs.

Bon Appetit!