"Bunito" - salad with chicken and Korean carrots. Recipe

This dish is very simple andingredients, and cooking. But the result of work will certainly please you and your guests. "Bunito" - a salad with chicken and Korean carrots - in many families on a holiday replaced the famous "Olivier". If you want to receive a wonderful treat, strictly adhere to the instructions that we will draw down below, so as not to spoil it with leaking mayonnaise or a surplus of liquid in a carrot. And then it will not be worse than the one served in the pizzerias, or even better.

Necessary products and method of preparation

To our "Bunito" (salad with chicken) Koreancook, you need the following products: chicken fillet - 250 grams, carrots in Korean - 150 grams, as much - hard cheese, eggs - four pieces, 67% mayonnaise, greens. We boil the chicken fillet until it is ready, it will take up to 10 minutes. At the same time, cook eggs.
Sometimes in carrots there is a lot of juice, it is necessaryget rid of it. Boil all the necessary products, proceed to cutting them. We recommend that the chicken be allowed to cool completely, then to separate it with hands, without using a knife. So mayonnaise will be absorbed better. We clean the eggs, separate the protein from the yolk, separately three on a grater. The same is done with cheese. We finish cooking "Bunito".

bunito salad recipe
We gather salad from layers, in deep utensils. At the bottom put the chicken, watered with mayonnaise, then carrots and mayonnaise again. Next - grated cheese, then - protein, followed by - yolk. We decorate the top with greenery.

A few tips on choosing ingredients and a little secret

Chicken breast is the main component of salad, so its choice should be given special attention. When buying this product, carefully look at the condition of the edges of the breast, on their dryness.

how to prepare a bonito salad
They should be wet, and all meat - onebeige colour. When choosing mayonnaise, do not think of buying it with fat content of less than 67%. If for any reason you gain 45%, then do not be surprised that in just three or four hours the salad will simply flow. Pay attention to the carrots in Korean. No juice should not be. It is absolutely not needed in the "Bunito". Salad from excess fluid will not be better. Try to take eggs brown, since their boiled yolk is more pleasant and slightly larger.
sliced ​​cucumber
And now a little secret. Do you know why our salad sold in pizzerias has such a magnificent view? Because it is a day he insists in the refrigerator.

Korean "Bunito" is a salad. Recipe

Required products: 500 grams of chicken fillet, 300 grams of carrots in Korean, as much - hard cheese, four chicken eggs, salt and mayonnaise. As in any variant, we first boil eggs and chicken fillet, and also prepare "Korean" carrots. Rvem the pieces of chilled meat, you can cut into strips, on a large grater three egg whites and cheese.

grated cheese
We spread the prepared ingredients on the dish: the bottom layer - chicken fillet, grease it with mayonnaise, after it - carrots, do not forget to pour sauce, grated cheese, mayonnaise. We decorate our salad with egg white. Everything, the dish is ready.

Prepare a salad for a family dinner

This simple salad is interesting precisely by a combination ofchicken fillet and Korean carrots. It is a bit "lighter" than the favorite Olivier, and therefore is the ideal option for a family dinner. Now we will tell you how to prepare a salad "Bunito" in another way.

Korean carrot
Not in layers, but in a slightly different way, for a change. Although for the stomach, most likely, it does not matter. List of necessary products: one chicken breast, three chicken eggs, 100 grams of tender carrots in Korean, one can of corn, curry, mayonnaise, salt. Ingredients, where no number is indicated, are taken to the liking of the hostess. The recipe is quite simple, but slightly different from the previous ones. We chop the chicken into pieces, salt, season with curry and - in a frying pan, where we cook until ready.
ready-made salad
Slightly cool and cut into cubes. Eggs also cook and cut into cubes. In the end, mix all ingredients and season with mayonnaise. Bon Appetit!