Recipe: Salad with pancakes

Most likely salads with pancakes have appeared in thatthe moment when one of the cooks faced the question of what to do with the pancakes left yesterday. In any case, for most of these salads, it is the use of yesterday's pancakes.

The main ingredient can beUse different pancakes: ordinary, egg, starch. The most common in salads is a combination with ham, chicken, mushrooms. Of course, there are other options, but does it make sense to talk about everyone? It is enough to mention exactly the most common.

The first recipe: a salad with pancakes and chicken. The first thing to do is to beat the eggs, add salt, spice them. All. From this mixture and fried pancakes. And then they are cut into thin ribbons. In addition to pancakes in the salad, there are smoked chicken breast and onions. The breast is cut about the same way as pancakes, and the onion is cut into half rings and fried until golden. All the ingredients are put in a bowl, add mayonnaise and mix. That's all, it's really a very simple recipe.

Salad with pancakes for this recipe is often used as a snack. For a change in it, you can introduce one more ingredient: salted or marinated cucumbers.

The second recipe: Salad with pancakes, mushrooms and ham. For this salad use the usual pancakes. The main thing is that they are not sweet, but fresh. They cut them, as in the previous version, with straw, just as they cut the ham. It is best for this salad, canned canned mushrooms, although you can use any salted or pickled mushrooms. Only it is important to remember that in case the choice falls on salted or marinated mushrooms, it is important not to overdo with the amount. In addition to these ingredients in the composition of the salad include onions and canned corn. And, of course, mayonnaise. The onion is cut into half rings. After that all the ingredients are mixed. Salad ready.

As already mentioned above, a salad with pancakes andham is one of the most common combinations. It is also used in the following salad: a salad with starch pancakes. Starch is mixed with eggs, and pancakes are baked. Then they are cut into thin strips, then the ham is cut into the same strips. It remains only to grind a couple of cloves of garlic and add mayonnaise.

Ham in pancake salads may well be replaced by boiled beef. The taste of salad from this, of course, will change. Nevertheless, this is a perfectly harmonious and classic combination.

The fourth recipe: salad with pancakes, with ham and bell peppers. For a salad, you will need five ordinary unsweetened pancakes, Bulgarian pepper, 200 grams of ham and hard cheese, 3 cloves of garlic, dill, parsley and mayonnaise. Pancakes are cut into small pieces; cheese, ham and pepper cut into small cubes, chop garlic and greens. Add the mayonnaise and mix.

On the one hand, there are many recipes for pancake salads,but all of them are rather variations on a theme, than independent dishes. Compulsory is the combination of pancakes and meat, and it is no longer important what kind of meat is used in the end. The rest of the ingredients vary, but not so many.

Actually, this property of pancake salads can beto attribute to obvious merits: they are easy and quick to prepare, while the variation of the components allows achieving some diversity. Every next time a pancake salad will be a surprise for your guests.

From time to time this salad can be found ina menu of cafes and restaurants. Especially in those cases when they cook pancakes. After all, this salad is a great way to attach yesterday's pancakes, which, on the one hand, are still suitable for food, on the other, there is already no opportunity to sell them.