Salad with squid and mushrooms and other salad recipes

If you look at any festive table, thenyou can see that most of all on it salads. Recipe for a new delicious salad is always useful to any hostess. Here are a few fresh recipes. And the first will be a salad with squid and mushrooms - very nutritious and tasty.

Salad with squid and mushrooms (recipe number 1)

Ingredients: a kilogram of squid, half a kilo of peeled shrimp, 200 gr. cheese (you can have any, but recommended "Gouda"), 1 b. champignons, 1 b. olives and mayonnaise.

Squid and shrimp cook in salted waterabout a couple of minutes. If the mushrooms are small, put them in the salad whole, if large - cut in half. Squid must be cut into strips, shrimps also cut into several pieces. Dice the cheese, olives, too, cut into several parts (they should be pitted). To make up with mayonnaise. Salad with squid and mushrooms is ready!

Salad with squid and mushrooms (recipe № 2)

Another recipe for salad with squid: take 4 squid, 3 pcs. eggs, 2 onions, 300 gr. fresh champignons, 1 cucumber (also fresh) and mayonnaise.

Squid boil, cut into thin strips,Egg and cucumber peel and grate (coarse). Champignons cut and fried with onions. Mix all the ingredients and water with mayonnaise.

Salad with squid and ham

To make this salad, take 3squid, 300 gr. Chinese cabbage, 200 gr. brynza (you can suluguni, if you do not want salad to be salty), 200 gr. Ham and olive oil or mayonnaise (at your choice) for refueling.

Squid cook, clean and cut straws. As thin as possible, we cut cabbage, ham and cheese. We pour oil or mayonnaise. Everything, lettuce is ready!

Meat salad with croutons and mushrooms

For cooking you need grams of 250any meat, 2 pcs. onion, 3 eggs, mayonnaise, half a white loaf (or keriška) and pieces of 6 champignons. Meat should be boiled, and when it cools down, cut into squares. Mushrooms are cut and fried. Before you add them to the meat, you need to carefully strain the oil. Cut the onions into half rings and fry them to a golden hue, but also carefully strain the oil. Eggs on a grater. All this is mixed and filled with dietetic mayonnaise (dietary, because the salad itself is quite fatty). Before serving, add kereshes or self-made bread loafs (for this, the loaf should be cut and fried in oil).

Salad with mushrooms and liver

Buy 200 g. liver, 100 grams of cucumbers (salted, not pickled), 50 grams of dried mushrooms, 70 grams. potatoes, a couple of eggs, a little onion, olives, lemon, mayonnaise and salt.

Mushrooms for 3-4 hours soak in plain water,then in it we cook them. Eggs need to be boiled and finely chopped. The liver is also boiled (do not forget to add water, otherwise it will be tasteless), then cut into cubes and fry. We cut the onions with rings, cut the cucumbers into small cubes. Potato waxed in a peel is cleaned and also cut into cubes. All this is mixed, we savor with mayonnaise and spices to taste.

Salad with corn and spinach

This salad, unlike the previous ones, is very light.In order to cook it, you will need: 200 grams. lettuce and spinach, 2 eggs, 100 gr. corn canned and as much pineapple.

Leaves and spinach and lettuce should be washed,dry and thinly cut. Boiled hard-boiled eggs cut into cubes. Pineapples cut into small pieces. Pay attention - both pineapples and corn should be without liquid. Mix all the ingredients. In the remaining pineapple juice, add 1 tsp. starch and boil until thick. It is this unusual sauce and you need to fill the salad, of course, after it cools.

Pumpkin salad with plums

Ingredients: 250 gr. Each. pumpkin and plum, 100 gr. raisins, the same amount of sour cream, 150 gr. brewed tea, a little sugar and lemon balm.

Pumpkin is peeled and peeled and tindered on a largegrater. The pulp is chopped. Raisins 1 hour soaked in tea. Then all these products are combined and seasoned with a mixture of sugar and sour cream. You need to decorate with branches of lemon balm.